Sam “The Man” Taylor – Rockin At The Hop (1958)

FrontCover1.jpgSamuel Leroy Taylor, Jr. (July 12, 1916 – October 5, 1990), known as Sam “The Man” Taylor, was an American jazz and blues tenor saxophonist, whose honking style set the standard for tenor sax solos in both R&B and jazz.

Taylor was born in Lexington, Tennessee. He attended Alabama State University, where he played with the Bama State Collegians. He later worked with Scatman Crothers, Cootie Williams, Lucky Millinder, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Buddy Johnson, Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner. Taylor was one of the most requested session saxophone players in New York recording studios in the 1950s. He also replaced Count Basie as the house bandleader on Alan Freed’s radio series, Camel Rock ‘n Roll Dance Party, on CBS.

Taylor played the saxophone solo on Turner’s “Shake, Rattle and Roll”. He also played on “Harlem Nocturne”; on “Money Honey”, recorded by Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters in 1953; and on “Sh-Boom” by the Chords.

During the 1960s, he led a five-piece band, the Blues Chasers. In the 1970s, he frequently played and recorded in Japan.

Taylor died in 1990 in Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. (by wikipedia)

SamTaylor01.jpgA certified honking sax legend, Sam “The Man” Taylor’s non-stop drive and power worked perfectly in swing, blues, and R&B sessions. He had a huge tone, perfect timing, and sense of drama, as well as relentless energy and spirit. Taylor began working with Scat Man Crothers and the Sunset Royal Orchestra in the late ’30s. He played with Cootie Williams and Lucky Millinder in the early ’40s, then worked six years with Cab Calloway. Taylor toured South America and the Caribbean during his tenure with Calloway. Then, Taylor became the saxophonist of choice for many R&B dates through the ’50s, recording with Ray Charles, Buddy Johnson, Louis Jordan, and Big Joe Turner, among others. He also did sessions with Ella Fitzgerald and Sy Oliver. During the ’60s, Taylor led his own bands and recorded in a quintet called the Blues Chasers. He currently has one session available on CD, recorded in the late ’50s with Charlie Shavers and Urbie Green. (by Ron Wynn)

And here´s one of his exciting R & B albums … and yes … this album is hot, hotter than hell …

Oh yes Baby … let me be your Road Runner …


Leroy Kirkman (guitar)
Sam “The Man” Taylor” (saxophone)
some more unknown session musicians

Digital image

01. The Big Beat (Harris/Kirkland) 2.53
02. Let’s Ball (Taylor) 2.40
03. Fish Roll (Harris/Kirkland) 2.30
04. Oo Wee (Taylor) 2.31
05. Look Out (Taylor) 2.40
06. Sam’s Blues (Taylor) 2.40
07. The Boss Is Home (Harris/Kirkland)  2.46
08. Ride, Sammy, Ride (Harris/Kirkland) 2.36
09. Real Gone (Kirkland/Taylor) 2.56
10. Do-A-Lu (Sears) 2.52
11. Taylor Made (Phillips/Taylor) 2.35
12. Road Runner (Kirkland/Taylor) 2.29




Samuel Leroy Taylor, Jr. (July 12, 1916 – October 5, 1990)