The Hometowners – Does Shorttimers Blues (1966)

FrontCover1.JPGI guess, this is a very rare C & W, recorded by the US Band “The Hometowners”, but only released in Germany.

The band was led by Pat Patterson:

Pat Patterson, born 6 12 1935 in Lewisburg – West Virginia Record Labels: Jimmy Dale “Pat” Patterson, singer, guitarist and bassist, took some tours throughout the United States with his band, the “Hometowners USA”. In 1960 he came to West Germany and played for years in the various military clubs. Often presented the “Hometowners” the backing band for the visiting clubs in the big stars. (by

And here´s their first album, recorded for CBS Records. And it´s a really very fresh album, with great instrumentals and many very sentimental songs in the Country & Western style.

And here are the original lines notes from this album:


It´s not only a rarity … but an pretty good Country & Western album. And I will dedicade this entry to all this unknown heroes … many of them gave many people so much fun and a good time !


Ron Bridges (drums)
Larry Cordor (lead guitar)
Pat Patterson (bass, vocals)
Billy Poe (pedal steel-guitar)
Dan Starr (vocals, guitar)
Frank Weber (piano)


01. Shorttimers Blues (Hall) 2.18
02. Together Again (Owens) 2.08
03. Steel Guitar Rag (McAuliffe/Travis/Stone) 2.41
04. Lonesome Soldier (Patterson) 2.57
05. Have You Ever Been Lonely (DeRose/Brown/Cohes) 3.16
06. 5000 Miles From Home (Bare/Williams) 3.25
07. I Wanna Go Home (Dill/Tillis) 3.06
08. Fräulein (Williams) 2.31
09. White Silver Sands (Hart/Matthews) 2.28
10. Happy Journey (Nowa/Jay) 3.48
11. Aloha Oe (Lilikulani) 2.18
12. May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You (Meredith/Wilson) 3.36



Billboard August7, 1965.jpg

Billboard, August 7, 1965


That´s what I call a real “nice price”