Various Artists – Greece Goes Modern Vol.1 (Sounds from Greece 1965-68) (2000)

FrontCover1And here´s a real rare and special album früm the roaring Sixites:

Can You imagine that thee was an actual mod scene in Greece back in the mid-sixties ? Well, there never existed such a thing! The Greek audience back in those years had no access to the material of Stax, Motown and Atlantic, and therefore R & B was unknown genre in this sunny side of the Mediterranean.

There were though some groups that knew this music an tried, one way of another, to introduce it to the Greek fans of ye-ye.

These bands exposed the soul screamers of Otis Redding and James Brown, and the jazzy movers of Herbie Mann, to the ears of the Greek teenagers, in their live appearances.


Fortunately, some of these bans recorded their sound nown, morethan 30 ears later, we have the chance to meet these bands with the unique mod style. (taken from the original liner notes)

The M.G.C.:


And we hear not only songs from this great Soul era in the Sixties, but a few classic Beat songs from good ol´ England, like “Gimme Some Lovin´” or “”It´s My Life”.

The Prophets:


So enjoy this great trip in the past … a trip in a decade, that changed the world … taht was or many people like me a very important decade. Enjoy the power and the enthusiasm of all thes young musicians from Greece …



Esquires Beat Group:
01. Headline News (Hamilton/Hatcler/Morris) 2.29
02. Something You Got (Kenner) 2.31

The Charms:
03. Alleluia , Don’t Leave Me Alone (M.Rozakis/R.Rozakis/Polatos) 3.07
04. It’s My Life (D’ Errico/Atkins) 3.07

05. Gimme Some Lovin’ (Winwood) 2.50
06. Don’t Ask What I Say (Jones) 2.40

The Charms:
07. See You On Sunday (Mastorakis/Rozakis/Njkolopoylos/Stratis/Jeremjas/Pollatos) 2.46
08. I’m Sick Y’ All (Porter/Redding/Cropper) 3.06
09. Home In Your Heart (Blackwell/Scott) 2.10

The Prophets:
10. Fire (Hendrix) 2.43
11. This Little Girl (Wonder) 3.03

Esquires Beat Group:
12. Gimme Little Sign (Smith/Winn/Hooven/Sarantis) 2.40

The M.G.C.:
13. I’m Gonna Cut My Head (Petropoulakis/Mastorakis/The M.G.C.) 2.34
14. Summertime (Heyward/Gershwin) 3.10

The Skyrockets Combo:
15. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (Brown) 3.26