Christmas 2021 (09): The Madrid Concert Orchestra And Chorus – Christmas In Spain (1959)

FrontCover1I guess it´s a good in this blog tradition to present Christmas from all over the wordl.

And now we can hear Christmas music from Spain, performed by and conducted by Victorino Echevarría:

Victorino Echevarría López, Spanish composer and conductor. He was a pupil of C. del Campo in Madrid and of P. Hindemith in Berlin. He wrote music in the neoclassical style (symphonic, chamber and stage works).

He was born Becerril de Campos in Palencia, Spain in 1898. He began his musical studies in León with Eugenio Lobo. In Madrid, he studied under A. Fernández Bordas, Francisco Victorino Echevarría01Calés, Bartolomé Pérez Casas, Rogelio del Villar and Conrado del Campo. Later, thanks to a scholarship from the Junta de Ampliación de Estudios, he moved to France and Germany (where he was taught by Paul Hindemith).

In 1940 he won the chair of harmony at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, at the same time as he developed an intense work as a band conductor, first the Carabanchel band and then the Banda Municipal de Madrid, where he held the post of assistant conductor with Arámbarri until the latter’s death, when he took up the post of principal conductor. In 1952 he received the National Music Prize for his work Quinteto de viento.

He died in 1965 in Madrid, Spain. (

Victorino Echevarría02

This Christmas music from Spain sounds quite different from the Christmas music we know otherwise … very lively and cheerful …

The French edition:

An interesting addition to all the other Christmas songs from all over the world.


The Madrid Concert Orchestra And Chorus conducted by Victorino Echevarría

Billboard Review 2. Nov. 1959:
Billboard Review

01. Zumba Zum 1.37
02. Long Live St. Joseph And The Child (Viva San Jose Y El Niño) 1.55
03. Sleep Little Jesus (Dorm Jesuset) 2.34
04. Where Are You Going Little Shepherds? (Adonde Vas, Pastorcito?) 2.22
05. Tan-Tan 2.14
06. Sing Little One (Chicetes, Cantem) 1.38
07. And There Is A Star (Y Es Una Estrella) 4.17
08. To Bethlehem (A Betlem, Si Us Plau) 1.40
09. Between The Straw And The Ice (Entre La Paja Y El Heilo) 3.34
10. From Egypt To Bethlehem (De Egipto Para Belene) 2.10
11. The Child Came Down From Heaven (El Niño Bajo Del Cielo) 1.10
12. Lotan-Dago 2.46
13. The Tambourings Are Playing (Suenen Las Panderetas) 1.39
B7 Bolo, Bolo, Bolo 1.59