The Montenegro Five – Same (1969)

FrontCover1.jpgPop rock group The Montenegro Five was established in the late sixties in Montenegro (ex-Yugoslavia). They were very popular in the sixties and seventies in the former Yugoslavia, and they recorded a few albums for the European market. They split up in the late seventies.

Unfortunately I have no more informations about The Montenegro Five …

But here´s their first and last original longplayer. This album was released on a Swiss label called “Star Record”.

“La Bostella” and “Soul Finger” (from the Barkays) recorded on a Revox tape recorder in the dancing club “See Restaurant”, Rorschasch, Switzerland featuring friends, family members and guests.
“Flute Soul” and “Going On The Blues” were not actually performed by Montenegro 5, but by unknown session players (I guess this group was called “The 4 Camillo”) and included on the record on the initiative of the producer.

And it´s a crazy mix between popular sounds of the Sixties (Beat, Soul, Traditionals and more) … and this means … a lot of fun, because the boys did a real good job !

The Montonegro Five.jpg

Milan Kovacevic (saxophone, xylophone)
Djordje Kraljevic (vocals)
Slobodan Novovic (guitar)
2 two more unknown musicians


01. Heya (Light) 4.17
02. Oh Baby Baby (Braseur) 2.49
03. Svadamo Se (Korac) 3.43
04. Flute Soul (Cartolari/Bestgen) 2.16
05. Guantanamera (Angulo/Marti/Seeger) 2.40
06. The Last Waltz (Mason/Reed) 1.51
07. La Bostella (Traditional) 2.52
08. Na Na Hey Hey (Frashuer/De Carlo/Leka) 3.22
09. Jakobshorn (Novović) 2.37
10. Volim Te (Novović) 3.06
11. Going On The Blues (Cartolari/Bestgen) 2.02
12. Pretty Kathy (Body Now, Bestgen) 3.42
13. Lara’s Theme (Jarre/Webster) 2.48
14. Soul Finger (Barkays) 2.16



The Montonegro Five2.jpg