The Romeros – Celedonio, Celin, Pepe and Angel -The Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar (1997)

FrontCover1Los Romeros, The Romero Guitar Quartet, is a guitar quartet, sometimes known as “The Royal Family of the Guitar” — their personnel consists entirely of members of the Romero family.

The quartet was founded in 1960 by Celedonio Romero, who grew up in Franco’s Spain. All three of his sons, Angel, Celin and Pepe, had made their performing debuts by the time they were seven. In 1957, the Romeros moved to the United States, where they continue to reside. In 1990 Angel left the quartet, and was replaced by Celin’s son Celino. Celedonio Romero died in 1996, and was replaced by Angel’s son Lito. (by wikipedia)

If you are in the mood for some beautiful Spanish guitar music than this disc will fill that void. The Romeros have been recording elegant music for years as the gift of guitar playing has been passed down generations. What is especially nice about this disc is that it features a variety of composers major works. The Romeros interpret Issac Albeniz, Enrique Romero01Granados, Federico Torroba, Villa-Lobos and Bach amongst many others. Curiously enough, the works of Rodrigo are misssing. To avoid confusion in your buying this disc it is important to note that all the Romeros do not play guitar together on this disc. There is the occasional duet and group performance on guitar but for the most part these are individual solos. The solo guitar of each Romero is enough to capture your attention but it is important to note that Celedonio Romero dominates this disc.

The inclosed booklet is very informative and educational regarding the history of each composition; it is nice reading material while you are listening to these early music time pieces. Although the individual pieces are composed by different people there is a flow to the music. This is great music to relax the mind to , perfect for reading or participating in some quite endevor. Recommended for Spanish classical guitar aficionados. (Enrique Torres)


Angel Romero (guitar)
Celedonio Romero (guitar)
Celin Romero (guitar)
Pepe Romero (guitar)


The Romeros today

01.Sevillanas (Traditional) 2.23
02. Intermezzo (Granados) 4.47
03. Llamada (Torroba) 0.45
04. Sevilla (Sevillanas) (Albéniz) 4.12
05. Etudes for Guitar, Op.31 (Obbligato on Etude No. 5 in B minor) (Sor) 2.23
06. Noche en Málaga (C.Romero) 3.55
07. Lágrima (Tárrega) 1.30
08. Romantico (C.Romero) 2.51
09. Allegretto (Torroba) 3.52
10. No. 3 in A minor (Villa-Lobos) 5.50
11. Prelude – Minuet I – Minuet II – Gavotte (de Visée) 6.08
12. 4 Variations on “Guárdame las vacas” (de Narváez) 2.00
13. Suite of 6 Dances (Anonymous) 13.03
14. No. 6 – No. 4 – No. 3  (Milan) 8.53
15. Minuet in G, BWV Suppl. 114 (Bach) 2.17
16. Suite for Cello Solo No.4 in E flat, BWV 1010 (Bach) 1.14
17. Suite for Cello Solo No.6 in D, BWV 1012 (Bach) 4.57
18. The King Of Denmark’s Galliard  (Dowland) 2.26
19. Gavotte en rondeau  (Rameau) 1.41
20. Espanoleta (Sanz) 2.08