The Shadows – Guardian Angel (1984)

FrontCover1Guardian Angel is the sixteenth rock album by British instrumental (and sometimes vocal) group The Shadows, released in November, 1984 through Polydor Records and Teldec (in Germany)

Guardian Angel was the group’s first album to be released on LP and CD simultaneously and only the group’s second CD release. It had the distinction of being the group’s 1980’s album, consisting entirely of original material, except for one track. The album wasn’t promoted with Polydor’s marketing machine fully behind it and the album failed in commercial terms, spending just one week at number 98 on the British charts. Also, only two tracks were performed live by The Shadows and then only during the January to March 1985 “down-under” tour in Australia and New Zealand; the two tracks being “How Do I Love Thee” and “Hammerhead”. (by wikipedia)

Released in time for Christmas 1984, Guardian Angel was surely little more than a contractual obligation, with 11 songs that exist for no better reason than to draw you CD1one track closer to the end of side two. In a way, the lackluster sheen that replaced the band’s old brilliance had been growing ever since the band signed to Polydor in 1980; this was their third album for the label, and each one was a little (lot!) worse than its predecessor. Be especially merciless and you could say the same thing for every LP they’d released since re-forming in 1975. But Guardian Angel was the bottom of a barrel that didn’t have a bottom any more, and when Bruce Welch wrote his biography five years later, he didn’t even mention this album. One can’t blame him in the slightest. (by Dave Thompson)

And I can´t agree with this review: On this album you´ll find many magic moments and a song like “Turning Point” and “Our Albert” are another highlight in the history of “The Shadows” !

HankMarvinHank Marvin

Brian Bennett (drums, percussion)
Cliff Hall (keyboards)
Alan Jones (bass)
Hank Marvin (leadguitar, vocals)
Bruce Welch (guitar, vocals)
Tony Rivers (vocals)

01. How Do I Love Thee (Philips) 3.10
02. Hammerhead (Plant) 4.05
03. The Saturday Western (Renwick) 3.37
04. Look Back On Love (Bennett) 4.31
05. Johnny Staccato (Marvin/Welch/Bennett) 3.54
06. I Will Return (Cordell) 3.13
07. (I’m Gonna Be Your) Guardian Angel (Fitzpatrick) 5.53
08. Can’t Play Your Game (Wilkinson/Wimshurst) 3.54
09. On A Night Like This (Coleman) 3.51
10. Turning Point (Marvin/Welch/Bennett) 4.49
11. Our Albert (Marvin/Bennett) 2.52



Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Me And My Shadows (1960)

FrontCover1Me and My Shadows is the third album by singer Cliff Richard. Recorded with The Shadows, it was released in October 1960 and reached No. 2 in the UK album chart.

No singles were to be officially released in the UK from the album. A pairing of album tracks “Gee Whiz It’s You” and “I Cannot Find a True Love” was pressed as an export single intended for continental Europe but high demand in the UK meant it charted in March 1961 and eventually reached #4 in the UK singles chart. Although very popular for an import, this single broke what would have been a run of 15 consecutive top 3 singles in the UK, although it helped give Richard a record 16 back to back top 5 hits.

This album is the 2nd of only 5 albums [Cliff, Me & my Shadows, 21 Today, Finders Keepers, Established 1958] recorded by Richard with exclusive backing by the Shadows during the 1960s. All the others the backing duties are shared between The Shadows and the Norrie Paramor Orchestra.

This album was then re-marketed on the EP format into 3 EPs: Me and my Shadows no.1 (mono) Me and my Shadows no.2 (mono) Me and my Shadows no.3 (mono). (by wikipedia)


This is Cliff and the Shadows-The beat combo long before the Beatles. Just listen to “I’m gonna get you”, “I cannot find a true love”, “She’s gone”, “Choppin’n’changin'”, “Gee whiz it’s you”, “Lamp of love”…excellent. The Ian Samwell songs keep the album fresh even now. Some songs are pure early 60’s pop-“Evergreen tree”, “You’re just the one to do it”, “We have it made” and “Working after school” show the sultry ballad style. ‘Gee whiz’ was a No.4 hit and in 1960 every schoolboy wanted to be Cliff, every schoolgirl wanted to be with Cliff. You constantly had to comb that Cliff quiff and those winkle-pickers hurt, but when Cliff went into “Choppin’n’changin'” it all came into place. Elvis who? Never heard of him…this was CLIFF-MANIA. Cliff was King. This album represents those fabulous early years before the movies. Cliff was it! (by a anazon customer) … and I agree !


Jet Harris (bass)
Hank B. Marvin (guitar)
Tony Meehan (drums)
Cliff Richard (vocals)
Bruce Welch (guitar)

Alternate frontcover

01. I’m Gonna Get You (Harris/Marvin/Samwell) 1.56
02. You and I (Welch/Marvin) 1.58
03. I Cannot Find A True Love” (Samwell) 2.41
04, Evergreen Tree (Schroeder/Gold) 2.44
05. She’s Gone (Marvin/Harris) 2.38
06. Left Out Again (Chester) 3.03
07. You’re Just The One To Do It (Blackwell) 2.25
10. Lamp Of Love (Tepper/Bennett) 1.51
11. Choppin’ ‘n’ Changin’ (ISamwell) 2.31
12. We Have It Made (Sugar/Hall) 2.15
13. Tell Me (Chester/Welch) 2.49
14. Gee Whiz It’s You (Chester/Marvin) 2.03
15. I Love You So (Samwell/Harris/Richard) 3.08
16. I’m Willing To Learn (Wise/Wiseman) 2.01
17. I Don’t Know (Samwell) 2.11
18. Working After School (Abrams/Medley) 2.0