The Yardbirds – For Your Love (1965)

FrontCover1For Your Love is the second album released by English rock band The Yardbirds, and the first released in the USA.[1] Released in June 1965, the album is a mix of US-only tracks and previously released singles compiled by Yardbirds’ producer, Giorgio Gomelsky. The album, which was released as the Yardbirds were preparing for their first American tour, reached number 96 in Billboard’s Top LPs chart.

For Your Love features three songs from Jeff Beck’s first recording sessions with the Yardbirds: “I’m Not Talking”, “I Ain’t Done Wrong”, and “My Girl Sloopy” (these songs were later released in the UK on the Five Yardbirds EP). Eric Clapton provided the guitar for the remainder of the tracks, which included the three Yardbirds singles (with B-sides) released up to that time and two demos which were not released in the UK until the 1980s (see discography for singles information). Clapton, who had left the band four months earlier, is not pictured on the album cover nor mentioned in the liner notes. (by wikipedia)


The Yardbirds (with Eric Clapton)

Back in 1965, this album seemed like a real mess, which was understandable, because For Your Love wasn’t a “real” album, in the sense that the Yardbirds ever assembled an LP of that name or content. Rather, it was the response of their American label, Epic, to the band’s achieving a number six single with the title track, with manager Giorgio Gomelsky selecting the cuts. The quasi-progressive “For Your Love,” dominated by guest artist Brian Auger’s harpsichord, is juxtaposed with hard-rocking blues-based numbers, almost all of which featured departed lead guitarist Eric Clapton (who is mentioned nowhere on the LP), with current lead guitarist Jeff Beck on just three tracks. The Clapton cuts, although primitive next to the material he was soon to cut with John Mayall, have an intensity that’s still riveting to hear four decades later, and was some of the best blues-based rock & roll of its era. The three Beck sides show where the band was really heading, beyond the immediate success of “For Your Love” — “I’m Not Talking” and “I Ain’t Done Wrong” were hard, loud, blazing showcases for Beck’s concise blues playing, while “My Girl Sloopy” was the first extended jam to emerge on record from a band on the British blues scene; the source material isn’t ideal, but Beck and company make their point in an era where bands were seldom allowed to go more than four minutes on even an album track — these boys could play and make it count. (by Bruce Eder)


The Yardbirds (with Jeff Beck)

Jeff Beck (guitar on 02., 06. + 11.)
Eric Clapton (guitar)
Chris Dreja (guitar)
Jim McCarty (drums, vocals)
Keith Relf (vocals, harmonica)
Paul Samwell-Smith (bass, vocals)
Brian Auger – harpsichord on 01.)
Giorgio Gomelsky (background vocal on 08.)
Tom McGuinness – guitar on (09.)
Paul Jones (background vocals on 09.)
Manfred Mann (keyboards and background  vocals on 09.)
Tom McGuinness – guitar on (09.)
Denny Pierce (percussion on 01.)
Ron Prentice (bowed bass (01.)
Mike Vickers (guitar on 09.)

01. For Your Love (Gouldman) 2.31
02. I’m Not Talking  (Allison) 2.33
03. Putty (In Your Hands) (Patton/Rogers) 2.18
04. I Ain’t Got You (Carter) 2.00
05. Got To Hurry  (Gomelsky) 2.33
06. I Ain’t Done Wrong (Relf) 3.39
07. I Wish You Would (Arnold) 2.19
08. A Certain Girl”       Naomi Neville a.k.a. Allen Toussaint     2:18
09. Sweet Music (stereo) (Bowie/Cobb/Lance)  2.30
10. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Demarais) 2.46
11. My Girl Sloopy (Farrell/Russell) 5.38
12. Baby, What’s Wrong (demo) (James) 2.38
13. Boom, Boom (demo) (Hooker) 2.25
14. Honey In Your Hips (demo) (Relf) 2.19
15. Talkin’ ‘Bout You (demo) (Berry) 1.56
16. I Wish You Would” (demo) (Arnold) 4.17
17. A Certain Girl (demo)     Naomi Neville a.k.a. Allen Toussaint     2:21
18. Got To Hurry (take 4) (Gomelsky) 2.35
19. Sweet Music (take 4) (Bowie/Cobb/Lance) 2.28
20. Heart Full Of Soul (demo, sitar version) (Gouldman) 1.54
10. Steeled Blues (Beck) 2.38
11. Paff Bumm (German issue) (Reverberi/Bardotti/Samwell-Smith) 2.27
12. Questa Volta (Satti/Marchetti/Mogol) 2.33
13. Paff Bum (Italian issue) (Reverberi/Bardotti/Samwell-Smith) 2.36

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