Jean Reese Thomas – Holiday Songs For Little Folks (1981)

FrontCover1.JPGThis is a sing a long album for kids, written by Jean Reese Thomas :

Vorn in Scranton, PA,, Jean Reese Thomas  attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and spent three years at an elementary school teacher. Having studied Orff Pricess and Kodaly methods of music education, she is presently an in-service workshop clinician for public schools nationwide.

And all the tunes was arranged by Rachell Saltzman Waring:

Waring, Rachelle Saltzman was born on August 7, 1945 in Brooklyn. Daughter of George and Dorothy (Waterman) Saltzman.

Piano recital debut Town Hall, New York City, 1953. Singer, actress New York City, 1965—1969. Performer, assistant museum director, choreographer Hair, New York City, 1968—1970, composer, singer, since 1970.

Director elementary publications Shawnee Press, Inc., Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, 1980—1983. Executive vice president, Chief Executive Officer Waring Publications, Inc., Minisink Hills, Pennsylvania, since 1983.

And here´s a nice album, recorded in 1981 (the year, my first daughter was born) … music for kids … including a songbook with all the lyrics, notes and a suggested teacher´s guide.

Nice music for kids …and on “George Washington” you´ll hear some nice dixie music … you know: many fantstic colors ….






A bunch of unknown studio musicians



Complete performance (with vocals):
01. Hallowe´en 1.03
02. One Is A Jack O´Lantern 0.44
03. Tillie The Witch 0.58
04. Thanksgiving Is Coming 1.11
05. I´m Trimming The Christmas Tree 1.42
06. Abraham Lincoln 0.43
07. George Washington 1.46
08.  It´s A Shamrock 1.04
09. Easter´s Coming 1.34

Instrumental performance only:
10. Hallowe´en 1.01
11. One Is A Jack O´Lantern 0.43
12. Tillie The Witch 0.57
13. Thanksgiving Is Coming 1.09
14. I´m Trimming The Christmas Tree 1.41
15. Abraham Lincoln 0.42
16. George Washington 1.45
17. It´s A Shamrock 1.03
18. Easter´s Coming 1.33

All songs written by Jean Reese Thomas