Sydney Thompson And His Orchestra – Ballroom In Tempo (1976)

FrontCover1I coudn´t find much information about Sydney Thompson and his orchestra … but he was a sort of James Last for England.

He was a welsh-born orchestra leader (born in 1911) who played dance music and first appeared on TV in ‘Leisure And Pleasure’.

And Sydney Thompson was a BBC bandleader of the 1950s. His dance orchestra was one of the leading UK bands of the period.

Here´s a record from 1976, but I guess, these tunes was orignal recorded during the SydneyThompson50´s, because most of the songs were from that period. Does anybody knows more ?

And what we can hear is perfect ballroom music from that decade … glamorous !

Sydney Thompson And His Orchestra

01. Save Your Kisses For Me (Hiller/Sherman) (Quickstep) 2.03
02. The Street Of Linden Trees (Koenig) Quickstep) 2.04
03. Soleado (Zacar/Holm) (Foxtrot) 2.18
04. There´s A Kind Of Hush All Over The World (Reed/Stephens) Foxtrot) 2.22
05. Answer Me (Winkler) Waltz) 2.17
06. Shadow Waltz (Dubin/Warren) (Waltz) 2.13
07. Trucking (Bloom/Koehler) (Jive) 2.00
08. One Of These Songs (Calvi) Quickstep) 2.07
09. Is It True What They Say About Dixie (Lerner) Quickstep) 2.05
10. Diana (Rapee/Pollock) Waltz) 2.14
11. Where The Blue Of The Night (Ahlert) (Waltz) 2.22
12. Hernando´s Hideaway (Ross) (Tango) 2.10
13. La Violetera (Padilla) Tango) 2.05
14. Falling In Love With Someone (Herbert) (Vienese Waltz) 1.44