Martin Hegel – Viaje Espanol (2009)

FrontCover1Martin  Hegel grew up in a family of musisicans and first started playing at the age of 14.  Only two years later he was awarded first price in the Germany national music contest “Jugend musiziert”.

In 1994 he begann his studies under Prof. Ulrich Müller at the State Conservatory in Osnabrück. Subsequently he studied music at the Cologne College Of Music in the guitar class of Prof. Ansgar Krause, before attending the University of Fine Arts  in Berlin, where he studied under Prof. Martin Rennert. He was also awarded a scholarship with Prof. Konrad Ragnossig at the University of of Music and Fine Arts in Vienna and was invited to join Prof. Eliot Fisk´s class at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

He graduaded in 2004 and passed his final concert with honors in 2008.

For his debut solo CD “viaje español”, the classical guitarist from Osnabrück has chosen the apt subtitle “four centuries of Spanish guitar music”. On it he takes the listener on a fascinating journey filled with the sounds of Spanish guitar music, from the Renaissance to the modern era. From the early days of the great composer Alonso Mudarra he moves on to the heyday with Dionisio Aguado. The journey ends with Joaquin Turina, a custodian of the original flamenco tradition. Martin Hegel successfully completed numerous masterclasses, among others with Manuel Barrueco and David Russel. This laid the basis for his sophisticated playing and cultivated tone and allows him to lend the works of these various composers a remarkable authenticity and fill them with radiant life. With “viaje español” he succeeds in communicating the fascination of classical guitar music to the listener.


Martin Hegel (guitar)



Alonso Mudarra:
01. Gallarda  1.17
02. Romanesca 1.49
03. Fantasía 1.44

Dionisio Aguado:
04. Fandango Con Variaciones Op. 16 7,11
05. Mazurca 2.20

Francisco Tárrega:
06. Gran Vals 2.56
07. Capricho Árabe 4.47
08. Rosita 1.21

Federico Moreno Torroba:
09. Torrija 3.04
10. Nocturno 3.31
11. Burgalesa 2.37
12. Madroños 2.54

Antonio Ruiz-Pipó:
13. Canción Y Danza 3.55

Joaquín Turina:
14. Rafaga Op. 53 2.40
15. Fandanguillo Op. 36 4.48
16. Sevillana Op. 29 (fantasie) 5.40