Márcio Tubino And Artet – Community – Live At The Bird’s Eye (2016)

FrontCover1Márcio Tubino was born on 27th of March 1963 in Santa Maria, wich is in the brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul. His parents also come from this state. His father is from the castal area, while his mother was born in the uruguayan border area.

In the year 1969 the family moved to the capiltal Porto Alegre where Márcio Tubino grew up. The Land was going trough a military dictatorship since 1964 and experienced the euphoria caused by the victories of the brazilian soccer team. Behind this fade there seemed to be calmness and order but also a lot of repression and violence. Performers and artists had to be careful and develop a lot of creativity. The protest against the regime had to be well hidden behind allusions. Demanding texts combined with elegant and spirited harmonies in the tradition of Bossa Nova together with varios rhythms gave the brazilian Popmusic a very interesting touch.

Márcio experienced this musical impulses by various “rodas de samba”, by making music with his family and frends. Then Márcio sang together with his brothers and sisters. The elder ones discussed the lyrics and for fun they invented new vocal arrangements for the period songs, Sambas and traditional Bossa Nova.

In the year 1978 he started to study with his transverse flute. Tubino attendes the music academy of the Symphonic Orchestra Porto Alegre. At the same time he took part in various seminars, where he was taught the harmonies of e-and u-music, arrangements, history of classic and modern and also brazilian music.


Since 1980 M.Tubino is a professional musician. ” Raiz de Pedra” was the first group he played with. Here he developed his ability for saxophone and flute as well as composer. Highly acclaimed by critics and audience the group started their first tour to Germany in 1990, where Tubino lives now since 1995.

The brazilian performer has worked together with artists like Egberto Gismonti, Djalma Corrêa, Joe Zawinul, Dusko Goykowich, Alegre Corrêa, Renato Borghetti, Rosanna&Zélia. Next to an amount of recordings with others artists from Brazil and Europe Tubino has publisched 4 CD’s with “Raiz de Pedra”, wich contain various of his own compositions. His tours took him trough South America, Europe, to China, Japan and Egypt.

As arranger he wrote for many artists like Rosanna&Zélia, Dusko Goykowich and Jenny Evans. His writes for diferents formations like Jazz Combo, Strings and Jazz Big Bands. (rimaproductions.com)


ARTet is the band and project of Brazilian saxophone player Márcio Tubino. This ensemble is neither quartet nor quintet but an “ARTet” capable of transforming any kind of influences into musical ideas – that’s the leitmotif of the band.
With his LIVE concerts Márcio Tubino sticks to his roots. To perform on stage he assembled famous Brazilian musicians who live in Germany.

After four years of numerous gigs together, the 2nd CD of ARTet was recorded live within two days at the Bird’s Eye Jazzclub in Basel. Due to being that well-rehearsed the result is an album which is wonderfully harmonic, virtuosic and coherent to listen to.
The idea of ARTet as a boundless formation remains – Márcio Tubino goes even further and understands a concert as a musical dialogue between audience and band.
Furthermore, the band provided the concept of global networking via a QR code in the artwork: the portal “Community” opens new doors and the “community” is globally present. There is not just more information about the current CD but also links to other artists and art forms, as well as about projects for development aid, protection of nature and much more.


“Community” derives from natural events:
Musicians are playing in a charming Jazz club and still stay grounded in our technological world full of possibilities. Back to the roots, still spiced with a plenty of innovative sounds.
The songs connect traditional elements of South American Jazz with modern elements. Just in ARTet style not bound to any genres. Anything can and should flow in – a groovy globalization!
Or to quote composer and band leader Márcio Tubino: “Brazilian music, recorded in Switzerland, released in Germany and at home all over the world!”


Ricardo Fiúzapiano (keyboards)
João Luis Nogueira (guitar)
Fernando Paiva (drums)
Ciro Trindade (bass)
Márcio Tubino (saxophone, flute)

01. Marcha 6.56
02. Água 7.56
03. Onde todos estão 8.48
04. Da janela 5.55
05. E a vida segue 6.57
06. Batatinha 7.37
07. Azuis 10.50
08. Sol 6.04

Music composed by Márcio Tubino




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