Various Artists – Popular & Classical Turkish Music (1994)

FrontCover1Formular poplular Turkish music rightly regarded as lyric poetry was interpreted by bards called “ozan”, Asias Turkish troubadours.

When arrived in village the “ozan” started to sing so the silence happenend: men and women left their work to listen. Since the 15th century, the tradition of “ozan” persists thanks to the “asik”, the means “lover”.

The asik, constituted a class of troubadours, homeless popular minstrels, going from village to village, extoling their music and sometimes singing their epopees.

Although the gravity prevails in the tone, there were some “asik” who measured out their song with humour than melancholy. The “asik” are regarded as poets blessed with an exceptional memory, displaying their priceless musical treasure over the country.

The popular Turkish music, reflecting a music of shepherds and peasants is born in central Antolia, a region where social and artistic structures have not changed for ages. Antalolia is a clash point between Orient and Occident where Romans and Parthians encountered then Byzantines and Sassanides in order to conquer the country that became at least Seljuk Turks. (taken from the original liner notes)

This music was totally new for me … everyone is invited to discover this very special music … recorded in 1980 and 1981.

Traditional Turkish instruments1Personnel:
Mehmed Bildik (ney)
Hasan Bozkurt (divan saz)
Kursad Cakir (qanun)
Ali Candarli (baglama)
Seref Demirel (vocals, kabak-kemani, divan saz, baglama)
Amin Hamurcu (baglama)
Adnan Kiucarslan (bendir, vocals)
Hamit Onal (vocals, cura baglama)
Gulcin Yahia (ud)

01.Kurdilihicaz Longa (Sebuh) 2.47
02. Hicaz Macami Taksimi/Hicaz Hym Yun (Ga) 3.20
03.Trakia Karsilamasi (Traditional) 2.59
04. Kumizi Bugday (Traditional) 4.00
05. Sehnaz Longa (Efendi) 2.37
06. Burbet Havasi (Traditional) 4.59
07. Ben Giderim Batuma (Traditional) 4.03
08. Hicaz Sarki (Kaynak) 1.52
09. Yavuz Geliyor Yavuz (Traditional) 2.06
10. Sekeroglan (Traditional) 3.04
11. Oldumu Aysem Oldumu (Traditional) 2.49
12. Sultani Yegah Peshrevi (Ben) 2.14
13. A Kusum (Traditional) 3.45
14. Saltani Yegah Saz Semaisi (Ben) 4.47
15. Hicaz Sarki (Toker) 3.51
16. Gokte Yildiz Aymisun (Traditional) 1.50
17. Su Daglarin Yuksegine Erseler (Traditional) 2.10