Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm – A Black Man’s Soul (1969)

FrontCover1A Black Man’s Soul is an instrumental funk and soul album released by Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm in 1969 on Pompeii Records. The album was recorded while Turner was touring with then-wife Tina Turner during his free time. A Black Man’s Soul exposed a side of Turner’s music not as popular with his audiences of the time. While Turner’s more popular tracks like “Proud Mary” relied heavily on vocal harmonies and popular soul influences, these tracks reflected a more traditional and simple funk popularized by acts such as Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, Baby Huey, The Bar-Kays and Brother Jack McDuff, among others. (by wikipedia)

When he was out on tour in 1969 with his regular gig, the Ike & Tina Turner Revue, Ike Turner found the time to cut the instrumental album A Black Man’s Soul. Whenever he had some spare time he would drag the band into a local studio and lay down tracks, resulting in these 12 funky soul jams that sound like they were lifted from the soundtrack to a blaxploitation film. The band is tight and laid-back at once, with horns at the forefront most of the time. Turner came up with some fine grooves like “Thinking Black,” “Getting Nasty” (with Billy Preston on piano), “Scotty Souling,” “Nuttin’ Up,” and the monumental “Funky Mule.” However, the record lacks Turner’s usual fire and flair and ultimately is too polite and slick to be very memorable (“Funky Mule” aside).(by by Tim Sendra)


Jesse Heron (trombone)
Mack Johnson (trumpet)
Jesse Knight (guitar)
Billy Preston (piano)
Fred Sample (piano)
Teasky Tribble (percussion)
Ike Turner (guitar, piano)

01. Thinking Black (Turner) 2.40
02. Black Beauty (Turner) 2.26
03. Ghetto Funk (Turner) 2.31
04. Blacks’ Alley (Sain) 2.43
05. Black Angel (Sain) 3.16
06. Getting Nasty (Turner) 3.08
07. Funky Mule (Holmes) 3.22
08. Philly Dog (Holmes) 2.22
09. Scotty Souling (Turner) 2.58
10. Up Hard (Miller) 2.40
11. Nuttin’ Up (Turner) 2.25
12. Freedom Sound (Turner) 2.38