Whipping Post – After And Really Live (1978)

FrontCover1Ah, Switzerland.  Good chocolate, mountains, skiing, secret banks, expensive watches, raunchy blues-rock bands …  Yeah, if you’re like me, something in that list probably seemed out of place.  But then I didn’t know anything about Whipping Post.

Whipping Post, named after the Allman Brothers song, was a swiss band around C.B.Busser, who later made some solo records, and Georg Klee.Busser being the guitarist/singer. Klee playing sax, flute, percussion and singing, too.On their first record, they are joined by Astrid Cotti: keyboards, Fabi Tonon: bassPumi Brunner: drumsand/orMinus Dambach: bassPeter Berger: drumsOn this Donovan-Cover (the most exciting of Season of The Witch, to my knowledge) P. Bendel joined C.B.Busser on lead guitar in a live session.1978 recorded at Sunrise Studios, Kirchberg, and Musk Studio Zurich. Switzerland.The record is pretty rare. Don’t know how many they printed. Their second album, a double “live” record had a print run of 1000.

Whipping Post was one of the best euopean “British Blues Rock” bands in the 70´s. Listen to the fantastic guitar work of C.B. Busser and Astrid Cotti is the perfect double for Christine Perfect … a really great album !

And I will upload their great studio album soon !

Track 01 – 07.: Recorded live at Sunrise-Studio, Kirchberg, Sept. ’78
Tracks 08. – 09.:: Live-Session at Sunrise-Studio Kirchberg
Tracks 10 – 13.: Recorded really live at different places in Switzerland Aug. and Sept. ’78

Pumi Brunner (drums, percussion, vocals)
C. B. Busser (guitar, vocals, percussion)
Astrid Cotti (piano, mellotron, clavinet, vocals, percussion)
George Klee (saxophone, flute, vocals, percussion)
Fabi Tonon (bass)
Guitar – Pimi Bendel (guitar on 08. + 09.)


01. Can’t Get Next To You (Strong/Whitfield) 5.09
02. Imigration Lady (Invitation To A Lady) (Brox/Morshead/Dmochowski/Dunbar) 4.37
03. Dirty Blues Band (Cotti/Busser) 4.07
04. When The Train Comes Back (Perfect) 3.09
05. Nature’s Disappearing (Mayall) 7.22
06. When The Curfew Blows (Busser/Guthrie) 9.22
07. Second Try (Simmonds) 3.02
08. Season Of The Witch (Leitch) 14.35
09. All Your Love (Mayall) 3.45
10. Call Me The Breeze (Cale) 4.21
11. Long Gone Midnight (Mayall) 6.43
12. Whipping Post (Allman) 14.37

incl. one-sided 12″ format inlet with b/w photos