Whistler – Ho Hum (1971)

frontcover1Whistler is one of the  forgotten 3 men progressive folk band from ealy ’70’s from UK. The release only one album in 1971 named Ho hum. The music is gentle and soft orchestrated, nice parts from mellow to more up tempo, with some good passages. My CD is papersleeve mini LP replica like is was release by Deram in first place 40 years ago. The album is ok, but is not among the most acomplished prog folk albums I’ve heared, remind me of or in same category with lets say Quicksand, even some Beatles moments can be found here. Acustical moments with some keyboards and flute added, a gentle ok offer, little to short from today standards. Nice cover art. (b_olariu )

The album title sums it all up.There’s nothing really wrong with it but on the other hand there’s nothing to really make me sit up and take notice.Knowing of Thin Lizzy axeman Eric Bell’s involvement I expected more.Pleasant but not memorable.Caravan.Barclay James Harvest comparisons-nay lad unless you’ve only heard BJH’s first 2 singles. (woody 123)


John Chuter (guitar, bass, vocals)
George Howe (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Ant Grout-Smith (keyboards, guitar, bass, saxophone, vocals)
Eric Bell (guitar on 12.)
Tony Carr (percussion)
Clem Cattini (drums)
Jimmy Hastings (flute)
Gordon Huntley (pedal steel guitar)
Barry Morgan (drums)
Lisa Strike (background vocals)
Doris Troy (background vocals)
Douggie Wright (drums)


01. Help Me (Chuter) 2.32
02. Hello Lady (Chuter) 2.47
03. I Can’t Believe My Eyes (Davis/Chuter) 2.50
04. City Boy (Howe) 2.02
05. Blind Leading The Blind (Davis/Howe) 2.34
06. Machine (Howe) 2.56
07. See The Wheels Are Turning (Chuter) 3.35
08. Whenever (Howe) 3.51
09. Do It For Mother (Davis/Howe) 2.48
10. Blind Man (Chuter) 3.50
11. Nothing At All (Chuter) 3.04
12. See What The Future Brings (Chuter) 3.55




 Hey …. John Chuter – George Howe – Ant Grout-Smith … where are you now ?