Various Artists – Romantic Guitar (2011)

FrontCover1This is a real wonderful sampler:

The classical guitar (also called the Spanish guitar, or less specifically, the nylon-string guitar) is the member of the guitar family used in classical music. It is an acoustical wooden guitar with six classical guitar strings as opposed to the metal strings used in acoustic and electric guitars designed for popular music.

In addition to the instrument, the phrase “classical guitar” can refer to two other concepts:

The instrumental finger technique common to classical guitar—individual strings plucked with the fingernails or, rarely, fingertips-

The shape, construction, and material of classical guitars vary, but typically they have a modern classical guitar shape, or historic classical guitar shape resembling early romantic guitars from France and Italy. Classical guitar strings were once made of catgut and nowadays are made of polymers such as nylon, with a fine silver wire wrap on the bass strings.


A guitar family tree can be identified. The flamenco guitar derives from the modern classical, but has differences in material, construction and sound.

The term modern classical guitar is sometimes used to distinguish the classical guitar from older forms of guitar, which are in their broadest sense also called classical, or more specifically: early guitars. Examples of early guitars include the 6-string early romantic guitar (c. 1790–1880), and the earlier baroque guitars with 5 courses.

Today’s modern classical guitar was established by the late designs of the 19th-century Spanish luthier Antonio Torres Jurado. (by wikipedia)

Listen to the fantstic sound of an accoustic classical guitar …. listen to artists like John Williams, Julian Bream, Norbert Kraft, Victor Villadangos, Marco Tamayo or the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and you will know, how brilliant this music is !


CD 1:
01. John Williams: Cavatina (from “The Deer Hunter”) (Myers) 3.08
02. Victor Villadangos: Preludio from Suite Del Plata No. 1 (Diego) 1.33
03. Victor Villadangos: Milonga from Suite Del Plata No. 1 (Diego) 3.58
04. Graham Anthony Devine: Sons de Carilhões (Pernambuco) 2.23
05. Los Romeros Canon and Gigue in D Major: I. Canon (Pachelbel) 6.08
06. Norbert Kraft: Gran Vals (Tárrega) 3.07
07. John Williams: Pavane For Guitar And String Orchestra (Fauré) 5.03
08. Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: Lotus Eaters (York) 3.24
09. Julian Bream: Rêverie (Debussy) 4.39
10. John Williams: Romance for Guitar and String Orchestra (Anonymous) 3.15
11. Julian Bream: Fantasía para un gentilhombre: Ricercare (Rodrigo) 2.28
12. Marco Tamayo: Canción (Rodriguez)
13. John Williams: La catedral (Barrios-Mangoré) 6.52
14. Norbert Kraft: Endecha (Tárrega) 1.16
15. Julian Bream: Guitar Concerto in A, Op. 30: Andantino siciliano (Giuliani) 6.19
16. Julian Bream: Dolly Suite, Op. 56: III. Jardin de Dolly (Fauré) 3.23
17. Narciso Yepes & Godelieve Monden: Fuga Elegiaca: Fuga: Moderato e mesto (Castelnuovo-Tedesco) 2.37
18. Julian Bream: Danza Española No. 5 (Granados) 4.13

CD 2:
01. Julian Bream: Concerto in D Major for Lute and Strings, RV 93: Largo (Vivaldi) 3.47
02. Norbert Kraft: Adelita (Tárrega) 1.13
03. Julian Bream & John Williams; Cantos de Espana, Op. 232: No. 4, Córdoba (Nocturne) (Albéniz) 6.21
04. Narciso Yepes & Godelieve Monden: Danse Seide No. 5 (Gurdjieff) 3.03
05. Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: The Yellow Cake Review, Farewell to Stromness (Excerpt) (Davies) 4.14
06. Graham Anthony Devine: Sentimental Melody (Villa-Lobos) 4.15
07. John Williams: Holland Park (Claire) 3.05
08. Julian Bream: Concierto de Aranjuez: Adagio (Rodrigo) 10.37
09. Slava Grigoryan & Eduard Grigryan: Café 1930 (Piazzolla) 6.22
10. Marco Tamayo: Ojos Brujos (Brouwer) 2.37
11. John Williams: Salut d’amour, Op. 12 (Elgar) 2.50
12. Slava Grigoryan: Incantation No. 1 (Lovelady) 4.43
13. Augustin Wiedemann: Message In A Bottle (Sting) 4.07
14. Martin Taylor: I Get Along Without You Very Well (Carmichael) 5.47

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