Jasper van’t Hof – Face To Face (1995)

FrontCover1Jasper van ‘t Hof (born 30 June 1947) is a Dutch jazz pianist and keyboard-player.

Van ‘t Hof was born in Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands, and began studying piano at the age of five. He was playing in jazz bands in school, and by the age of 19 was playing at jazz festivals with drummer Pierre Courbois. In 1969, he became member of Courbois’ early European jazz rock group Association P.C. (together with German guitarist Toto Blanke.) In the project Piano Conclave he played with such piano giants as George Gruntz, Joachim Kühn, Wolfgang Dauner and Keith Jarrett.

In 1974, he founded Pork Pie and teamed up with Philip Catherine (guitar,) Charlie Mariano (saxophone,) Aldo Romano (drums,) and Jean-François Jenny Clark (bass.) Other bands that he contributed to soon followed, including Eyeball which included saxophonist Bob Malach and the late violinist Zbigniew Seifert. He had two bands; Face To Face which is composed of the Danishbassist Bo Stief and the saxophonist Ernie Watts and his crossover combo Pili Pili featuring, among others, African singer Angelique Kidjo.

Van’t Hof is one of the most active jazz musicians on the European scene. During the course of his career, he has been at the keyboard for Archie Shepp and many others, although he is best known for his exceptional solo piano playing. (by John Kelman)

Jasper van´t Hof01

And this is one of his extraordinary albums … especially because of the fantastic saxophone played by Ernie Watts and of course the powerful piano of Jasper van’t Hof  … This album is like … a dream comes true …

Listen !!!


Alternate frontcover

Jasper van’t Hof (piano)
Aldo Romano (drums)
Bo Stief (bass)
Ernie Watts (saxophone)


01. Kusini (van’t Hof) 2.51
02. Three Doors (Watts) 7.36
03. Get Down (van’t Hof)
04. Zaire (van’t Hof) 6.26
05. Il Piacere (Romao) 7.15
06. As Well (van’t Hof) 4.14
07. Echoes (Coil/Watts) 6.23
08. Krise (Stief) 6.13
09. You Dare (van’t Hof) 5.01




Gov’t Mule – Same (1995)

Muro do Classic RockGov’t Mule (pronounced Government Mule) is an American southern rock jam band, formed in 1994 as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band by guitarist Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody. Fans often refer to Gov’t Mule simply as Mule.

The band released their debut album, Gov’t Mule, in 1995, and have since released an additional nine studio albums, plus numerous EPs and live releases. Gov’t Mule has become a staple act at music festivals across North America, with both its members and frequent guests boasting members from other notable bands, adding various funk and blues rock elements to the band’s sound.

When The Allman Brothers Band reformed in 1989, partially in response to the popularity of their Dreams box set, Warren Haynes was added as a permanent lead guitarist and vocalist, and Allen Woody was recruited as bass guitarist. The two shared a love for 1960s power trios like Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, the James Gang, and Mountain. Haynes, Woody, and drummer Matt Abts, who played with Haynes in Dickey Betts’ band, came together as Gov’t Mule during Allman Brothers breaks. They released Muro do Classic Rocktheir debut album Gov’t Mule, produced by Michael Barbiero, in 1995

Gov’t Mule is the self-titled debut studio album by southern rock jam band Gov’t Mule. The album was produced and mostly recorded live by Michael Barbiero in Bearsville Recording Studios with many tracks running into each other. “Mule” is still a concert favorite, and “Rockin’ Horse” was later recorded by The Allman Brothers Band when Warren Haynes rejoined the group for the album Hittin’ the Note.Gov’t Mule is the self-titled debut studio album by southern rock jam band Gov’t Mule. The album was produced and mostly recorded live by Michael Barbiero in Bearsville Recording Studios with many tracks running into each other. “Mule” is still a concert favorite, and “Rockin’ Horse” was later recorded by The Allman Brothers Band when Warren Haynes rejoined the group for the album Hittin’ the Note. (by wikipedia)

Gov’t Mule’s self-titled debut is a scorching set of heavy blues-rockers. Although they have some difficulty coming up with memorable original material, the band is loose, funky, gritty, and real. They have enough burning licks to make the record a worthwhile listen for guitar fanatics. (by Daevid Jehnzen)

Gov´t Mule2

Gov’t Mule live in New York, October 1995

Matt Abts (drums)
Warren Haynes (vocals, guitar)
Allen Woody (bass)

Hook Herrera (harmonica)
John Popper (harmonica)

Muro do Classic Rock

01. Grinnin’ In Your Face Eddie (House) 1.36
02. Mother Earth (Chatman)Simpkins) 8.13
03. Rockin’ Horse (Allman/Haynes/Woody/Pearson) 4.07
04. Monkey Hill (Haynes/Woody) 4.39
05. Temporary Saint (Haynes) 5.45
06. Trane (Haynes/Woody/Abts) 7.28
07. Mule (Haynes/Woody/Abts) 5.40
08. Dolphineus (Haynes/Woody/Abts) 2.03
09. Painted Silver Light (Haynes) 7.07
10. Mr. Big (Rodgers/Fraser/Kirke/Kossoff) 6.08
11. Left Coast Groovies (for FZ) (Haynes/Woody/Abts) 6.53
12. World Of Difference (Haynes) 10.16

Muro do Classic Rock


Muro do Classic Rock

Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden (1996)

CDFrontCover1Songs from a Secret Garden is the first international album by Secret Garden. Released in 1996, it includes the Norwegian winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 1995, “Nocturne”.Songs from a Secret Garden is the first international album by Secret Garden. Released in 1996, it includes the Norwegian winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 1995, “Nocturne”.

The track «Song from a Secret Garden» became famous in Korea by being featured in the drama 젊은이의 양지 (which means “Sunny Spots (or Places) of the Young”) in 1995. Another track from the album, «Adagio», was featured in the 2004 Wong Kar-wai film 2046. (by wikipedia)

Secret Garden is Norwegian composer Rolf Loveland (piano, keyboards) and Irish violinist Fionnula Sherry.

Secret GardenThe album, however, offers much more than this duo; it is awash in orchestral strings (real ones), a choir (real one), and as many percussionists, harps, fiddles, keyboards, and whistles as are needed. Songs from a Secret Garden, a chart-topper in Europe, is unabashedly romantic, absolutely gorgeous. “Sigma,” featuring boy soprano Rhonan Sugrue and the Irish National Choir, is very pensive, like dried flowers left, an expected return disappointed.

The lyrics begin, “I search for the sign that will set my soul free.” Although Celtic music fans will find many moments of bittersweet nostalgia between the violin, pipes, and pennywhistles, the album’s closest musical relation might just be the intimate works of Maurice Ravel, particularly his “Pavanne for a Dead Princess.”

Romantic themes of true depth, played full out. Secret Garden is not afraid of tenderness nor beauty. (by Carol Wright)

“Somewhere within us all there is a secret garden. A garden in which we can seek refuge when times are rough, or retire to in joy or contemplation. For years I have visited my own secret garden in search of organic harmony and melody. The songs on this CD are some of what I’ve found”.


“In 1994 I met an artist who through the soulful simplicity of her instrument gave my songs a voice. She is the famed Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry. Together we have tended the secret garden – and the crop is here for your picking. It is my sincere wish that by uncovering some of our secrets, you will pay a visit to your own garden”. (Rolf Lovland)

I just recently discovered Secret Garden. I am so glad that I did because I love their music. I will tell you what kind of music that I like to listen to at night or when napping or just being. I like Enya, Connie Dover, Loreena McKennitt for their high pitched female vocals. In this fast paced world, I need music that soothes one’s soul and takes one to some distant place. All of these artists take me to a heavenly place . Amongst all of the above mentioned artists, Secret Garden stands out. While listening to it, I am sure that angles are calling to me. Oh I love lots of different kinds of music, including irish Pub, Sounds of the 60’s, Classical, Broadway Musicals. But at certain times, I need quiet pensive music. If that is what you are seeking, try Secret Garden. (Ellen)


Rolf Løvland (keyboards)
Fionnuala Sherry (violin)
David Agnew (oboe, english horn on 03., 09. + 11.)
Deirdre Brady (flute on 05.)
Noel Eccles (percussion on 10.)
Hans Fredrik Jacobsen (whistle, norwegian whistle (on 01., 06. 07. + 10.)
Asa Jinder (keyfiddle, keyharp on 01., 07. &+ 10.)
Jean Lechmar (clarinet on 12.)
Des Moore (guitar, mandolin)
Andrea Marlish (harp)
Bjørn Ole Rasch (keyboards)
Jon Kjell Seljeseth (keyboards)
Davy Spillane (bagpipes (uilleann pipe), low whistle (on 02., 04., 07., 10. + 11.)
Rhonan Sugrue (vocals on 04.)
Gunnhild Tvinnereim (vocals on 01.)
RTÉ Concert Orchestra
Irish National Chamber Choir (on 04.)


1. Nocturne (lyrics by Petter Skavlan) 3.16
02. Pastorale 3.53
03. Song From A Secret Garden 3.37
04. Sigma (lyrics by David Agnew) 3.10
05. Papillon 3.28
06. Serenade To Spring 3.17
07. Atlantia 3.01
08. Heartstrings 3.27
09. Adagio 2.57
10. The Rap 2:31
11. Chaconne 3.30
12. Cantoluna 3.34
13. Ode To Simplicity 3.53

All compositions written by Rolf Løvland


  • (coming soon)


Marla Glen – Love & Respect (1995)

FrontCover1Marla Glen (born January 3, 1960, in Chicago) is an American singer who since 1998 has been based in Germany.

Marla grew up on the South Side of Chicago, the daughter of Dell Glen (American-Jamaican) and Cortez Glen (Mexican-American). Glen’s father was a blues guitarist, her grandmother a gospel singer, and her mother was friends with the legendary blues guitarist BB King. Her mother Dell graduated from the University of Chicago and went on to become a successful banker who worked for Merrill Lynch. Glen’s father, an American patriot who joined the military at a young age, became an engineer based in Frankfurt, Germany. Like many other children in Chicago’s historic Bronzeville neighborhood (also known as the Black Metropolis) who received gifts and inspiration from folks like Muddy Waters and BB King, Marla was given a toy harmonica as a child, and her musical talent became immediately apparent. She was only 11 years old when she wrote her first song, “Repertoire”, a title that has won three gold records and one platinum, and appears on her 1996 release, Love and Respect.

Since 1998, she has lived in Heilbronn in Germany. On July 2, 2004, she entered a civil union with Sabrina Conley at the local Rathaus. In the meantime, they got divorced.


Singer Roberto Blanco, his girlfriend Luzandra Strassburg, singer Marla Glen and wife Sabrina Conley attend the ‘UNICEF-Gala’ at Park Hotel on September 5, 2009 in Bremen, Germany.

As a teenager, Marla Glen set out to pursue her musical career. The story of her early days “taking a gamble” on her musical abilities is recorded in the lyrics of “Travel,” a song that appears on her first breakthrough album, This Is Marla Glen.

The gamble paid off: Glen won first prize performing at a local Jam-session in New Orleans and was rewarded with a trip to France, where she first performed before a European audience. When invited to stay in Europe, she did, and formed the Marla Glen Band in Niort, France. In 1993, she catapulted to stardom overnight with her debut album This Is Marla Glen (two-time gold, two-time platinum).

Glen was ruthlessly exploited by the music industry, and spent a period in deep reflection, which she talks about in a 2002 interview with Jakob Buhre (in German). The interview is accompanied by a spectacular series of photos, which may say as much to the English-language reader as the German words can barely convey.


In 1998, Glen went on tour with her 1997 release Our World, and made a strong comeback in 2003, with Friends.

Glen is known for her haunting lyrics, for her fierce commitment to social change and the cause of human unity. Most recently, she has dedicated her time and efforts to the education of children, and was declared the “patron saint” of the Knowledge Festival, organized by Bildung ohne Grenzen (Education without Barriers) in Hamburg, Germany (2007). (by wikipedia)

Marla Glen possesses one of the most intense voices I’ve ever heard. She is a true artist devoted to her music and delivering a message in a most powerful and deeply felt manner.
She is probably one of the most popular soul artists in Europe and given the fact that she is an American national living in Paris makes it hard to believe that she is not more well known in her own home country.
This was her second album and although not as strong as her first and third it still is a masterpiece.
I can only strongly recommend her work to anyone. Listen to her and you’ll understand. (Philipp Kessler)


Gary Barnacle (saxophone)
Patrick Clahar (saxophone)
Michel Crosio (piano, flute)
Marla Glen (vocals, harmonica)
Peter Gordino (organ)
Chris Jarrett (guitar)
Dominic ‘Ski’ Oakenfull (piano, clavinet)

Tony Remy (guitar)
Crispin ‘Spry’ Robinson (percussion)
Kevin Robinson (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Paul Robinson (drums)
Fayyaz Virgi (trombone)

Steve Walters (bass)
Andy Wright (keyboards)
background vocals:
Beverly Skeete – Morris Michael – Sylvia Mason James – Mason James – Judith Nicholas


01. Ain’t That A Shame (Glen) 7.15
02. Also Love You (Glen/Crosio) 4-50
03. Break Free (Glen/Crosio) 5.28
04. Repertoire (Glen) 6.12
05. You Got Me (Glen/Crosio) 4.07
06. Love & Respect (Glen/Crosio) 4.47
07. What About Our Kids (Glen/Crosio) 3.46
08. City Love (Glen) 4.08
09. Other Plans (Glen/Crosio) 4.44
10. Not Really Easy (Glen/Crosio) 3.57


Marva Wright – Marvalous (1995)

FrontCover1Down in Louisiana, Marva Wright is called the Blues Queen. Fans of her energy-filled performances, both live and recorded, call her a lot of other things, too, like “Marvalous Marva.” The “bluesiana” numbers she favors are a strong showcase for her dynamic, gospel-rooted voice. One listen would be enough to convince any newcomer of her strengths, which is surprising in light of the fact that the vocalist was a late bloomer who didn’t turn professional until 1987, when she was creeping up on 40. Even then, she only began singing as a way to support her family with a second job. Bourbon Street in the Big Easy led to more than she had dreamed, ultimately landing her gigs in Europe and across the world, with stops in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Brazil. Her appearances in the U.S. include Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York, as well as Texas, California, Vermont, Colorado, and Florida.

Although she made a career out of music late in life, Wright actually began to sing much earlier, when she was nine years old. Like many artists, her first public singing efforts were heard in church, with her mother as her accompanist.


Top honors in a school-sponsored singing competition followed. Later in life, she credited her mother, a piano player and singer in a gospel quartet, as one of her main influences. Mahalia Jackson, the esteemed gospel singer, was an early friend of the family. Early in 1989 during a live set at Tipitina’s in New Orleans, Wright made her first recording, “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean.” She made her debut on national television in 1991 when her hometown was the setting for a special that revolved around the Super Bowl. Heartbreakin’ Woman, Wright’s first full-length release, appeared later that year and garnered honors from the Louisiana Music Critics Association as Blues Album of the Year. The Times-Picayune placed it among the year’s Top Ten albums in the city. She has sung backup for such artists as Allen Toussaint, Glen Campbell, and Joe Cocker. The long list of others Wright has performed with includes Harry Connick Jr., Bobby McFerrin, Aaron Neville, Fats Domino, Lou Rawls, and Marcia Ball. (by Linda Seida)


Marva Wright, who sings in clubs in New Orleans, has previously released a cassette tape from Tipitina’s (club), but this better-quality production shows what the lady can do. Big, belting gospel sound is burnished by wit and finesse. Her anthem “I Aint Built for Comfort, I’m Built for Speed” is here, along with some Irma Thomas and Koko Taylor covers (“It’s Raining” might make you forget Miss Thomas’s version) and more. “Members Only” (new to me) is great. Marva Wright deserves a national audience…she follows boldly in the footsteps of the queens of the blues, with her signature upbeat touch. Marvalous!!!!! (by an amazon customer)

A real superb blues & soul album from the blues queen of New Orleans !


Thomas Bingham (guitar)
Lannie McMIllian (saxophone)
Lester Snell (keyboards)
Staff (bass, drums)
Marva Wright (vocals)
background vocals:
Bertram Brown – William Brown – William C. Brown – Mashaa


01.  Members Only (Addison) 4.21
02. I Had A Talk With My Man (Davis/Caston) 4.18
03. Shake A Hand (Morris) 3.52
04. Driving Wheel (Burnett) 3.54
05. Further On Up The Road (Robey/Veasey) 3.29
06. Mr. Big Stuff (Broussard/Washington/Williams) 3.59
07. Built For Comfort (Dixon) 3.43
08. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon) 5.14
09. You Can Have My Husband (LaBostrie) 3.06
10. Down Home Blues (Jackson) 4.04
11. (Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean (Lance/Singleton/Wallace) 3.03
12. You Send Me (Cooke) 3.54
13. It’s Raining (Neville) 4.02




… but her website is still alive and well … great !

Cloudberry Jam – Blank Paycheck (1995)

FrontCover1Cloudberry Jam is a Swedish pop group, active from 1991 to 1998 and from 2004 onwards.

The group was formed as an indie pop band in Linköping student circles in 1991. The music they played was described later as “guitar mangling”, but soon developed it into a style similar to Komeda and The Cardigans: a blend of Motown, the Beatles, jazz, easy listening, bossa nova and indie pop played with technical skills, with some melancholy and sadness. This genre was later called Twee Pop or Chamber Pop.

Critics often compared Cloudberry Jam with The Cardigans, almost always to the latter’s favor. Although the group had an overseas success (over 100,000 albums sold in Japan) they never had a major breakthrough coming back home. When vocalist Jennie Medin chose to focus on her academic career in 1998, the group was dissolved.

Jennie MedinA few years later, Medin played on the solo album The World Through My Eyes with songs by Jorgen Warnstrom, which was released in Japan and Sweden in the winter of 2003–2004.

After that, it was decided to reunite the group, then as a trio. In 2004 came the album The Great Escape, followed by Movin ‘on up, released only in Japan. (by wikipedia)

Formed in the town of Linköping in 1991, the group comprised vocalist Jennie Medin, guitarist Jörgen Wärnström, bassist Per Valsinger, multi-instrumentalist Henrik Sundqvist and drummer Per Byström; while their 1992 debut EP La La La offered a more faceless, guitar-driven lo-fi sound, their 1994 follow-up The Art of Being Cool began moving towards the fresh diversity of their best work. Blank Paycheck, Cloudberry Jam’s full-length debut, arrived in 1995, and offered a complete integration of the quintet’s myriad influences, yielding a bright, sophisticated sound topped off by Medin’s gorgeous vocals. (by Jason Ankeny)


Per Byström (drums, percussion)
Jennie Medin (vocals)
Henrik Sundqvist (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Per Valsinger (bass)
Jörgen Wärnström (guitar, vocals)
Pelle Henricsson (percussion)
Asa Hjelm (violin)
Kerstin Isaksson (cello)
Eskil Lovstrom (trombone)


01. Walking In My Sleep 3:08
02 Yeah! 2:26
03. This And That 3:08
04. Couching 3:45
05. Twice As Cool 3:18
06. By Your Side 2.:56
07. Intermission / Lost In Syncopation 1:45
08. Hold On 3:21
09. Waiting For Another Day 3:06
10. Someday Soon 2:17
11. Please Don’t 3:13
12. Monday’s Back In Town 3,29

All songs written by Per Byström – Jennie Medin . Henrik Sundqvist – Per Valsinger . Jörgen Wärnström



Various Artists – Boys On The Side (OST) (1995)

FrontCover1Boys on the Side is a 1995 American comedy-drama film directed by Herbert Ross (in his final film as a director). It stars Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore and Mary-Louise Parker as three friends on a cross-country road trip. The screenplay was written by Don Roos.


Three unique women embark on a cross-country road trip: Jane (Whoopi Goldberg), a lesbian lounge singer in search of a new life after breaking up with her girlfriend and getting fired; Holly (Drew Barrymore), a pregnant girl who just wants to escape her brutal boyfriend; and Robin (Mary-Louise Parker), an uptight real estate agent who has her own secrets (namely being infected with HIV).

Robin puts an ad in the newspaper that she is looking for a traveling companion to accompany her on a cross country trip to California. Jane answers the ad and agrees to join Robin after her car gets towed during their meeting. Jane and Robin leave New York City and travel through Pittsburgh to take Jane’s friend Holly to lunch. They stumble across a knock out-fight between Holly and her abusive boyfriend, Nick, over some missing drugs.


They leave him there bound to a chair with tape after Holly hits him in the head with a bat to stop him from attacking Jane. Later, he frees himself from the chair, stumbles across the floor, falls and hits his head on the bat and dies. The three unlikely travelers then form a special friendship on their journey which sees them through ultimately tragic times.

After discovering that Nick is dead and that Holly is pregnant, the three women decide to continue across country and end up in Tucson, Arizona when Robin has to be hospitalized. They decide to stay in Tucson, hoping to start a new life. However, Jane has a secret crush on Robin, Holly falls in love with and eventually confesses to a local police officer named Abe Lincoln (Matthew McConaughey), and Robin finds the courage to face her impending death.


Shortly after Jane and Robin have a falling out over Jane telling a friendly bartender (James Remar) who was interested in Robin that she has HIV, Holly is arrested by Abe. She is taken back to Pittsburgh to face the consequences of her actions. The return to Pittsburgh involves Robin and Jane making peace with each other on the courthouse’s “Bridge of Sighs” while the Pittsburgh Police process Holly.

A few months pass, in Tucson, Holly is free and with Abe and her daughter, which is celebration to all family and friends. Robin is now farther along with AIDS and is not expected to live much longer. The party asks Robin to sing the Roy Orbison song “You Got It” as she performed that song in a Star Search contest; though weak, she manages to sing with Jane backing her singing. In the final scene, Robin has died from AIDS as her wheelchair is now empty, Holly and Abe plan to stay in Arizona and become a family, while Jane hits the road to finally seek a life of her own.

The film’s soundtrack album is made up entirely of contributions from female pop/rock artists, including lesbian icons Melissa Etheridge (“I Take You With Me”), Joan Armatrading (“Willow”) and the Indigo Girls (“Power of Two”). Previous hit singles by Annie Lennox (“Why”) and The Cranberries (“Dreams”) are also included, as are new recordings by Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders among others. The hit single from the movie soundtrack was Bonnie Raitt’s cover of the Roy Orbison hit “You Got It”, which peaked at #34 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. (by wikipedia)

Boys on the Side is a collection of mainstream ’90s rock dominated by female artists, which is appropriate for the feminist nature of the film. Not all of the music is first-rate, but much of it is, particularly Bonnie Raitt’s cover of Roy Orbison’s “You Got It.” Fans of the film will find much to enjoy here, but the record doesn’t quite hold together as an individual entity. (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)

This is just such an amazingly wonderful collection of beautiful songs, from the movie of the same title. This CD is like a warm, happy, occasionally sad, emotional journey through the eyes & hearts of some really talented women! I’m going to stockpile some more copies of this CD, as I never want to be without it! (by Mary Jo Ashleyon)


This has always been one of my favorite CDs, given the assortment of some of the best tracks of a series of female artists. Recently on a trip out west I inadvertently left the CD playing when my daughter (4th grade) got in the car–it is now her favorite album as well, and I don’t have to listen to the teeny bop music she usually pleads for–what a relief!!
I had never heard many of these artists before, given that I stopped hearing new artists about when my daughter was born and Raffi took over our lives, and it was such a delight to discover so much talent–it really sent me out to get acquainted with more of their music on their own individual albums. (by an Amazon customer)

This is a strong album for strong women … And I love strong women …


01. Bonnie Raitt: You Got It (Lynne/Orbison/Petty) 3.25
02. Melissa Etheridge: I Take You With Me (Etheridge) 4.48
03. Sheryl Crow: Keep On Growing (Clapton/Whitlock) 5.24
04. Indigo Girls: Power Of Two (Saliers) 5.22
05. Stevie Nicks:  Somebody Stand By Me (Crow/Wolfe) 5.05
06. The Pretenders: Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey/Street) 3.41
07. The Cranberries; Dreams (Hogan/O’Riordan) 4.30
08. Annie Lennox: Why (Lennox) 4.53
09. Sarah McLachlan: Ol’ 55 (Waits) 4.11
10. Joan Armatrading: Willow (Armatrading) 4.01
11. Jonell Mosser: Crossroads (Johnson) 2.49
12. Whoopi Goldberg: You Got It (Lynne/Orbison/Petty) 3.08
13. Bonnie Raitt: You Got It (Lynne/Orbison/Petty) 3.25



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