Harvey Mandel – Planetary Warrior (1997)

FrontCover1Here´s another solo-album by the great Harvey Mandel, one of my favourite guitar players:

This is mostly blues rock guitar work. I would give it a higher marks, but the singing did not knock me out. However the last song on the Cd was
Fn’ funny. It was a discussion of popular candy. The descriptions of candy were erotic and could be a dialog about sex, not candy.
If your familiar with Harvey’s guitar playing, It usually is the highlight of his records. Because of the vocals, I will say it is not his best record, but rockin’enough to purchase if you are a fan. Harvey is a unsung guitar hero from the 1960’s through the present.I think it is time more people were aware of his ax work. (by Tyrone Rex)

A Great hard rocking piece from the older style of Harvey Mandel. Mainly instrumental – jam format. LOTS and LOTS of guitar! Some very psychedelic, processed sounds. Sounds like an updated version of “The Snake”. Last song a short vocal spoof on candy bars that has very suggestive lyrics. It’s actually hilarious and well thought out! (by Eileen Dickson)


I first heard this while at a public radio station in Alaska. I hadn’t heard from Harvey Mandel in years and I was happy to see he still had it. I hope your doing well in Crested Butte, Harvey. I guess you’ve gone back to the blues like all the old dudes do. I’ll miss your unique fusion of rock, blues and jazz. (by Peter W. Hall)

A Great hard rocking piece from the older style of Harvey Mandel. Mainly instrumental – jam format. LOTS and LOTS of guitar! Some very psychedelic, processed sounds. Sounds like an updated version of “The Snake”. Last song a short vocal spoof on candy bars that has very suggestive lyrics. It’s actually hilarious and well thought out! (by Greg Foley)


Artis Joyce (bass)
Harvey Mandel (guitar, vocals on 12.)
Bennie Murray (drums, percussion)
Sonny Reece (vocals)
Barry Goldberg (organ on 02. + 12.)
Steve Kimock (slide-guitar on 04. + 10.)
Annie Stocking (background vocals on 05.)
Squid Vicious (bass on 02. + 09.)
Howard Wales (piano on 01. + 10.)


01. Space Monkeys (Scott/Jensen/Gross/Mandel) 4.30
02. What Comes Around Goes Around (Harris/Mandel/Lagos/Resnick/Conte) 4.50
03. I Don’t Mind Being Wrong (Joyce/Murray/Mandel/Reece) 4.32
04. 90 In The ’53 (Lehrburger/Roberts) 3.41
05. Wall Banger (Mandel/Reece) 5.03
06. Rumble (Wray) 3.30
07. The Only One (Mandel/Reece) 4.05
08. Carne Del Serpiente (Joyce/Murray/Mandel) 5.50
09. Whinin’ Whiskey (Mandel/Reece) 4.36
10. Emerald Triangle (Mandel) 4.23
11. Planetary Warrior (Joyce/Murray/Mandel) 8.46
12. Candy Rapper (Bird/MacDonald) 2.09



More Harvey Mandel:



The Yardbirds – Leverkusen, Germany (1997)

FrontCover1What a long history … from the early Sixties … till today !

The Yardbirds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. Nearly all the original surviving musicians who had been part of the band’s heyday, including Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, appeared at the ceremony. (Original lead guitarist Top Topham was not included.[57]) Eric Clapton, whose Hall of Fame induction was the first of three, was unable to attend because of his obligations while recording and working on a show for the MTV Unplugged series. Accepting the induction on behalf of the late Keith Relf were his wife April and son Danny.

In 1992, Peter Barton from Rock Artist Management contacted Jim McCarty about the prospect of reforming the Yardbirds. McCarty was interested but only if Chris Dreja would agree, but at the time he thought it highly unlikely that Dreja would want to tour again. Barton then contacted Dreja, who agreed to give it a try.


Their debut gig was booked at the Marquee Club in London along with the newly reformed Animals. It was a great success. The lineup featured John Idan handling bass and lead vocals. Barton managed the band and booked all their dates for over a decade; he still works with the band on occasion. (by Wikipedia)


And The Yardbirds continued to play  … and here´s a rare but wonderful album recorded live at a blues Festival in Germany … and this is a FM broadcast recording … excellent sound quality !

And they played a gig with timeless classic blues Songs including on song from their Box Of Frogs (“Back Where I Started“) period.


Chris Dreja
Laurence Garman (harmonica)
John Idan (bass, vocals)
Gypie Mayo (guitar, background vocals)
Jim McCarty (drums, vocals)

01. Radio Intro (in German) 0,54
02. Train Kept A Rolling (Bradshaw/Mann) 3.31
03. I Got Love If You Want It (Harpo) 3.42
04. Heartful Of Soul (Gouldman) 2.37
05. I’m Not Talking (Allison) 3.25
06. I Ain’t Got You (Carter) 2.17
07. I Ain’t Done Wrong (Relf) 5.24
08. You’re A Better Man Than I (Hugg) 3.49
09. Sitting On Top Of The World (Vinson/Chatmon) 5.14
10. I’m A Man (McDaniels) 4.54
11. Back Where I Started (Samwell-Smith/Dreja/McCarty/Fiddler) 6.58
12. Over Under Sideways Down (Dreja/McCarty/Beck/Relf/Samwell-Smith) 3.17
13. Smokestack Lightning (Burnett) 5.05



And here a part of this gig on you tube:

VA – Muddy Waters – All-Star Tribute To A Legend (2011)

FrontCover1A number of Blues artists exerted a huge influence on the development of modern popular music, collectively characterizing the approach to amplified music in the late 1940s and early ’50s.

The single most influential one was undoubtedly Muddy Waters. From 1948 until 1955 he pioneered and guided the way, in style, substance and sound, eloquently defining the aggressive, swaggering, Delta-rooted sound with his declamatory vocals and piercing slide-guitar attack, releasing a great number of groundbreaking and timeless, classic records.

His inspired and fundamental music continues to reverberate as excitingly and forcefully through the music of today as it did 50 years ago. (by spincds.com)

And here´s a real great tribute album:

Recorded on October 11, 1997 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C., an impressive All-Star cast of Blues musicians, including Muddy’s own son Bill Morganfield, turned out to pay homage to the Legendary Muddy Waters, the King of Blues. Features special guests, John Hiatt, Peter Wolf, Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Charlie Musslewhite, Robert Junior Lockwood, Big Bill Morganfield, Nick Gravenites, Mem Shannon and Phoebe Snow.

What a concert, what a line-up !


Barry Goldberg (keyboards)
Tom Cosgrove (guitar)
Steve Holley (drums)
Johnnie Johnson (piano)
Bob Margolin (guitar)
Charlie Musselwhite (harmonica, vocals on 04.)
Paul Ossola (bass)
G.E.Smith (guitar)
Robert Gravenites (vocals on 06.)
Buddy Guy (guitar, vocals on 03.)
John Hiatt (guitar, vocals on 08.)
Keb’ Mo’ (vocals, guitar on 09.)
Big Bill Morganfield (vocals, bass on 12.13.)
Robert Junior Lockwood (vocals on 11.)
Mem Shannon (guitar, vocals on 07.)
Phoebe Snow (vocals on 10.
Koko Taylor (vocals on 01. + 02.)
Peter Wolf (vocals on 05.)


01. Koko Taylor: I’m Ready 3.57
02. Koko Taylor: Long Distance Call 3.00
03. Buddy Guy: She’s 19 Years Old 7.49
04. Charlie Musslewhite: I Got A Rich Man’s Woman 4.47
05. Peter Wolf: Rollin’ & Tumblin’ 2.33
06. Robert Gravenites: Forty Days & Forty Nights 3.36
07. Mem Shannon: Gypsy Woman 3.15
08. John Hiatt: The Same Thing 4.44
09. Keb’ Mo‘: I Can’t Be Satisfied 3.44
10. Phoebe Snow: Just To Be With You 4.48
11. Robert Junior Lockwood: Mean Red Spider 4.13
12. Big Bill Morganfield: Hoochie Coochie Man 5.01
13. Big Bill Morganfield: Got My Mojo Working 2.51
14. Muddy Waters: Trouble No More 2.43
15.Hidden track (musicians talk about Muddy Waters)



Muddy Waters

McKinley Morganfield (April 4, 1913 – April 30, 1983)
better known as Muddy Waters

Savoy Brown – Train To Nowhere (2010)

FrontCover1This is a 2 hour double CD live set from WXXI radio Rochester New York State.

Stunning live set from veteran British Blues man Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown. Featuring Train to Nowhere, Little Red Rooster and a 22 minute version of Louisiana Blues, recorded in 1997 and 1998.

Formed in 1967 and anchored around guitarist Kim Simmonds, Savoy Brown’s U.K. take on boogie blues paved the way for the heavier breakthough of British blues-based bands like Cream and Led Zeppelin, and while Savoy Brown don’t have the same critical reputation as these, they were still a bread-and-butter little rocking band. (by Steve Leggett)

So sit back and enjoy the smooth blues that is Savoy Brown, one of the finest blues bands ever !

Disc 1 Track 1 and Disc 2 Track 2 & 3 Recorded Live 9th March 1998 Tampa, FL, USA
Disc 1 Tracks 2-7 and Disc 2 Tracks 1, 4 & 5 Recorded Live 14th August 1997 Rochester, NY, USA


Al Cash (drums, CD 1 – #2-7; CD 2 – #1, 4, 5)
Nathaniel Peterson (bass, vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals)
‘T’ Xiques (drums, CD 1 -#1; CD 2 -# 2, 3)TracklistCD 1:01)



CD 1:
01. Too Much Of A Good Thing (Simmonds) 6.15
02. Let It Rock (Simmonds/Raymond) 5.33
03. Train To Nowhere (Youlden) 5.12
04. Bad Shape (Simmonds) 9.06
05. Mr. Browns Boogie (Simmonds) 8.46
06. Stay While The Night Is Young (Youlden) 12.18
07. Savoy Brown Medley: 12.16
07.1. She’s Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand (Youlden)
07.2 Street Corner Talking (Simmonds/Raymond)
07.3. Hellbound Train (Simmonds/Silvester)
07.4. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon)
07.5. Tell Mama (Simmonds/Raymond)

CD 2:
01. Little Red Rooster (Dixon) 13.06
02. Mississippi Steam Boat (unknown) 8.30
03. Lookin’ In (Simmonds/Peverett) 8:05
04.Louisiana Blues (Morgenfield) 21.27
05. Little Wheel (Bracken/Hooker)



Jon Lord – Pictured Within (1997)

FrontCover1Pictured Within was the first studio album from Deep Purple’s Jon Lord in sixteen years. It features performances from Sam Brown, Miller Anderson, Pete York and Thijs van Leer among others. Pictured Within was released in October 1998 by Virgin Classics. “Wait a While”, one of the few non-instrumental tracks off the album, performed by Sam Brown, was issued as a single in 1999. In addition, Jon Lord played a short tour of Germany in May 1999 to promote the album. (by wikipüedia)

Pictured Within is an ambitious project from Jon Lord inspired by classical music. Most of the album is instrumental and orchestral, with the occasional choral voices gracing the lush symphonic textures. (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)

Jon’s solo CD “Pictured Within” (1997) showed a return to a more piano-based and gentler style and was released to great critical acclaim. Jon rarely wrote lyrics but he did for the title track and it has developed into a favourite with both his fans and himself. The album was deeply inspired by Jon’s loss of his parents and deals with grief and the feelings connected to loss of loved ones. (by avie-records.com)

A masterpiece !

Miller Anderson (vocals)
Mario Argandona (percussion, background vocals)
Sabine Van Baaren (background vocals)
Sam Brown (vocals)
Colin Hodgkinson (bass)
Rick Keller (saxophone)
Haagen Kuhr (cello)
Thijs Van Leer (flute)
Jon Lord (piano)
Christina Lux-York (background vocals)
Serge Mailiard (background vocals)
Stefan Pintev (violin)
Ravi (kora)
Rodrigo Reichel (violin)
Mike Routledge (viola)
Stefan Scheuss (background vocals)
Vytas Sondeckis (cello)
Ina Stock (oboe, cor Anglais)
Frank Struck (french horn)
Pete York (percussion)



Part 1 – The Valley:
01. Sunrise 5.47 (5:47)
02. Pictured Within 5.22
03. From the Windmill 6.55

Part 2 – Blue Sky Dreams:
04. Circles Of Stone 2.24
05. Menorca Blue 4.10
06. Evening Song 8.00

Part 3 – Of Heroes And Heroines:
07. Music For Miriam 4.48
08. Arc-En-Ciel 4.29
09. Wait A While 5.57

Part 4 – Beneath A Higher Heaven:
10. Crystal Spa (Kyrie Eleison) 14.40
11.The Mountain-Sunset 5.24
12. A Different Sky 6.49

All music composed by Jon Lord
Lyrics by Jon Lord (“Pictured Within”) and Sam Brown (“Evening Song”, “Wait A While”)
CD* (coming soon)


Pat Metheny – Imaginary Day (1997)

FrontCover1Imaginary Day is an album by the Pat Metheny Group, released in 1997 by Warner Bros. Records. The album won the 1999 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album, while “The Roots of Coincidence”, an uncharacteristically aggressive song with hard rock-inspired sections, won Best Rock Instrumental Performance. This album marks the final appearance of longtime drummer Paul Wertico, who would leave in 2001 before the recording of Speaking of Now to work on other projects.

The album leans heavily toward world fusion, drawing upon a variety of global influences. Indonesian styles are particularly pronounced, with Balinese gamelan music appearing in “Imaginary Day” and “Into the Dream”. “The Heat of the Day” demonstrates repetitive hints of Iranian folk music. Imaginary Day also showcases the Group’s first (and thus far, only) forays into rock music and drum and bass with “The Roots of Coincidence”. In “The Awakening”, the album concludes with strongly Gaelic melodies. “The Awakening” and “Follow Me” have been played on The Weather Channel during Local on the 8s.

The liner notes use an image substitution cipher throughout. The CD and CD tray can be lined up to one of three different keys (red, yellow or blue) to translate the majority of the liner notes, which include quotations from authors as well as a short essay by Metheny and Rodby. For example, lining up the arrow on the CD to the red square on the CD tray will decode the front cover as “PAT METHENY GROUP IMAGINARY DAY”. Cover art by Stefan Sagmeister. (by wikipedia)


More than ever, the Pat Metheny Group is into creating thick, exotic, electronic sonic landscapes, and Imaginary Day goes even further out on the cutting edges of technology and global influences than its predecessors. The floating Metheny group signature is often present but with radically reworked textures, and Brazil seems to be off his international itinerary, replaced by whiffs of repetitive Iranian folk music, Balinese gamelan music, and other global influences. Indeed, Metheny only sounds something like his familiar soft-focused self on “A Story Within the Story,” playing what amounts to a fine hard bop solo, and the song-like “Across the Sky.” At all other times, he expands his sonic palette on various guitar synthesizers and newly minted guitar mutations, at one point assigning an entire solo piece, “Into the Dream,” to the 42-string “pikasso guitar,” which sounds like a glittering African zither. “The Roots of Coincidence” is a total departure for the group, a gleefully hard-edged, out-and-out rock piece with thrash metal and techno-pop episodes joined by abrupt jump cuts. Along with his core lineup of Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby, and Paul Wertico, Metheny also includes the duo of multi-instrumentalists Mark Ledford and David Blamires adding various horns and things, and four top-line percussionists — Mino Cinelu, Dave Samuels, Glen Velez, and Don Alias — replacing departing member Armando Marcal. Through all the experiments, the Metheny Group’s music remains uplifting, intelligent, and always accessible to the casual and attentive ear in the late ’90s, even as it becomes more portentous. The “words” on the cover art and booklet are written in some kind of strange Esperanto alphabet, with symbols and objects replacing each letter, but there are enough translations in plain English to get you through. (by Richard S. Ginell)


Lyle Mays (keyboards)
Pat Metheny (guitar, guitar synthisizer)
Steve Rodby (bass, cello)
Paul Wertico (drums)
Don Alias (percussion)
David Blamires (vocals, guitar, trumpet, violin, mellophone, recorder)
Mino Cinelu (percussion)
Mark Ledford (vocals, flugelhorn, trumpet)
Dave Samuels (percussion)
Glen Velez (percussion)

01. Imaginary Day (Metheny/Mays) 10.11
02. Follow Me (Metheny/Mays) 5.56
03. Into The Dream (Metheny) 2.27
04. A Story Within The Story (Metheny/Mays) 8.01
05. The Heat Of The Day (Metheny/Mays) 9.44
06. Across The Sky (Metheny/Mays) 5.13
07. The Roots Of Coincidence (Metheny/Mays) 7.48
08. Too Soon Tomorrow (Metheny) 5.45
09. The Awakening (Metheny/Mays) 9.28




Snowy White and the Whites Flames – Little Wing (1998)

FrontCover1Little Wing is one of the most adventurous albums in White’s lengthy canon — adventurous and esoteric. The opening “Discoveri” still feels as though it could have emerged from a Peter Gabriel session, at least until White’s guitar kicks into play, and lays waste to all around it. Deeply immersed in the blues, but with an eye for many of the same musical notions that rendered Jeff Beck’s turn-of-the-century output such a wonder, Little Wing packs no less than half a dozen stone cold White classics, including the electrifying power ballad “Long Distance Loving” and a truly eye-opening arrangement of the Jimi Hendrix-penned title track. Indeed, if the album has any downside at all, it’s that the first half is so heavily weighed down with jewels that the remainder simply cannot compete, and the listener’s attention really does start to wander. But there’s a simple solution to that, of course. Just set your player on random, and listen to Little Wing take flight. (by Dave Thompson)

This is basically the same album as Melting in the US, but with the longer uncut versions of many of the songs. Every song blows me away. There isn’t a bad cut on this album.

When I list my top 10 albums of all time, this one is in that group. Man, this is such a good listen. Blues rock guitar at it’s best.

His vocals… his phrasing… might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but his overall sound, his guitar, the groove and the mood he creates is special. Use your headsets so you don’t miss all the stuff going on in some of the cuts. (by cubs)


US version called “Melting”

Juan van Emmerlot (drums, percussion, synthesizer, strings)
Walter Latupeirissa (bass, strings)
Snowy White (guitar, vocals)


01. Discoveri (v.Emmerlot) 3.42
02. Long Distance Loving (White) 8.21
03. I’ll Be Moving On (White) 5.54
04. The More You Live (White) 4.32
05. Little Wing (Hendrix) 4.14
06. That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You (White) 4.11
07. Terpisah (Latupeirissa ) 2.18
08. The First Move (White) 5.31
09. Like The Sun (White) 9.29
10. That Ain’t Right (White) 5.05
11. Melting (White) 4.53