Pete York Percussion Band – Same (1972)

FrontCover1After the split of “Hardin & York” Pete York formed his first own Group, The Pete York Percussion Band …

“By 1972 Pete York’s Percussion Band had hit the road. It featured a brass section and three drummers as well as guitarist/singer Miller Anderson. Occasional guest drummers in this adventure were Ian Paice, Keef Hartley, Roy Dyke and Keith Moon.” (as told by Pete York).

But for this studio recordings he jammed with old friends from the Birminham jazz-scene … and the album was co-produced by Ian Paice from Deep Purple, an old friend of Pete York.

Bill Coleman played a few years earlier with Kenny Ball,

And they Play during these days of Prog-Rock an great old fashioned jazz Album with lot´s of drums and percussion (of Course) and a real string brass section.

One hightlight is a ten Minute jam “Sombrero Sam ” (written by Charles Lloyd).

Another highlight is a classical jazz Version of “The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba” (written by the German baroque composer George Frideric (or Frederick) Handel) … Great !

Pete York 1972_02

A few months later Pete Yorks Percussion band recorded a great concert for the “BBC In Concert” series featuring Ian Paice and Jon Lord … you will hear this Show very soon in this blog.

10 yearts later, Pete York formed another jazz Group, called “Pete York´s New York” (see here) and he played again with Mel Thorpe and Roger Munns ,,,

I guess, this is one of the rarest Pete York recordings and it´s real good one!


Bill Coleman (bass, e-piano)
Steve Fearn (guitar, vocals)
Roger Munns (piano, trombone, clarinet)
Barry Sutton (trumpet)
Mel Thorpe (saxophone, flute, clarinet)
Gordon Williamson (drums, percussion)
Pete York (drums, percussion)
Ian Paice (Percussion on 04.)


01. Keep On Running (Edwards) 2.39
02. Nothing Yet (Munns) 3.28
A3 Cold Night In The City (Fearn) 2.06
04. Sombrero Sam (Lloyd) 10.11
05. Mel’s Blues (Thorpe) 2.54
06. Moleshawk (Coleman) 3.55
07. Stroke (Coleman) 3.49
08. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (Händel) 2.43
09. Points (Munns) 4.00
10. Over (Fearn) 2.37LabelB1.jpg*

Pete York´s New York – What´s The Racket (1981)

FrontCover1After four years with the jazz-focused Chris Barber Band, drummer Pete York departed to form his own group, recruiting bassist Steve Richardson, Mel Thorpe on horns and woodwinds, and synth/keyboardist Roger Munns. Signing to the German Teldec label, the band released four Germany-only albums, kicking off with its 1980 debut, Into the Furnace, produced by Thomas Martin.

York’s time with Barber was well spent; it gave the drummer his first opportunity to play in a jazz ensemble, an experience he wasn’t ready to leave behind just yet. Thus, much of Into the Furnace is jazz-inspired, although with ribbons of rock and R&B streaming through, the band creates a hybrid sound far removed from the fusion most groups parleyed when crossing these genres.

Here´s the scond album by Pete York´s New York … and it´s another highlight in the long career of Mr. Superdumming Pete York:

You can hear one of the few Pete York compositions “What´s The Racket” … a hell of of jazz-rock tune …

And his “Chicken Chasing Charlie” is indeed a remake of his “Extension 345” from the third Hardin & York album “For The World” (1972)

“Pamplona” is a very fine acoustic guitar track, somposed and playd by Steve Richardson.

And Mel Thorpe was a monster on his instruments … listen to his saxophone and flute (“Segura Samba”)

Pete York´s New York was one of the best periods in Pete York´s career … a criminally underrated jazz group …

I gues this album was never released on CD … so … listen to one af the rarest Pete York recordings.


Pete York – Steve Richardson – Roger Munns


Roger Munns (keyboards, synthesizer)
Steve Richardson (bass, guitar)
Mel Thorpe (saxophone, flute, clarinet)
Pete York (drums, percussion)

01. What’s The Racket (York) 3.52
02. Segura Samba (Thorpe/Munns) + Pamplona (Richardson) 7.43
03. Seguidillas Gitanas (Thorpe/Munns) 3.38
04. Hobgoblin (Thorpe/Munns) 2.51
05. Happy (Richardson) 3.21
06. Lucky For Some (Thorpe/Munns) 4.20
07. Chicken Chasing Charlie (York) 10.21



Pete York And The Susie Who Swing Revue – Same (2009)

FrontCover1Munich, the metropolis with a heart, is putting fresh swing into, well, swing. With her exceptional voice and charisma, the young singer Susie Who (born May 9, 1978) is captivating a fast growing group of fans among swing and jazz aficionados. Composer and producer Dietmar Kawohl and drummer legend Pete York, one of the world’s best drummers, have already discovered her great talent. Still, the singer remains authentic and keeps dazzling her audience with her natural charm. It’s no wonder that swing fans and event organizers are listening up whenever her name is mentioned: Susie Who!

In December 2004, the singer from Munich had the idea to sing a song, put it on a CD and give it to her grandmother. At the time, she did not even remotely expect to be able to hold her first swing album in her hands only two years later. The debut album featured SusieWho01top-class musicians and was produced by Dietmar Kawohl, who created compositions for Boney M. Milli Vanilli, No Mercy, David Hasselhoff, Joana Zimmer and others, and Johan Daansen (Meat Loaf, Scorpions, Peter Maffay, Kelly Family). Even back then, the young singer from Munich was an insider’s tip among swing experts. Today, her natural charm and exceptional voice have captivated a fast growing audience.

Pete York is one of the world’s most renowned and versatile drummers. He made a name for himself as drummer of the Spencer Davis Group. Since 1964, the native Brit has performed on stage with some of the greats of rock, blues and jazz, such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Winwood and Eddie Hardin (Hardin & York). He has also been very successful as a solo artist. For several years now, he has been a member of Helge Schneider’s live band.

December of 2008 brought a great moment for an extraordinary combination, when Susie Who crossed paths with Pete York. After several jam sessions at the studio, they decided to create the project “Pete York and the Susie Who Swing Revue”. The debut album of the same title was released in the spring of 2009. “Pete York and the Susie Who Swing Revue” perform songs from the current CD and popular swing classics in clubs and at exclusive functions.

This is a perfect old fashioned jazz-album … dedicated to all the great musicians … from that period !

And it´s of course another rare Pete York recording.


Susie Who (vocals)
Pete York (drums, percussion, vocals)
a bunch of unknown studiomusicians
Barbara Dennerlein (organ on 02.)
Torsten Goods (guitar on 06.)


01. Let’s Make A Baby Tonight (Raab) 3.51
02. Angels Only Live In Heaven (Kawohl) 3:18
03. I Only Want To Say That I Love You (Kawohl) 2:45
04. The Best I.n Life (Kawohl) 4.36
05. It’s A Disaster (Kawohl) 3.07
06. Loop De Loop (Kawohl) 3.23
07. One Night With Marilyn (Kawohl) 3.03
08. Someone To Watch Over Me (G.Gershwin(I.Gershwin) 2.44
09. My Heart Cries Mayday 3:28
10. You Belong To Me (Price/King/Stewart) 3.28
11. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Styne/Cahn) 3.06
12. The Ballad Of A Real Poor Boy 3:05
13. Misty (Garner/Burke) 3.04
14. Ring A Ding Ding (Van Heusen/Cahn) 3.29
15. Age Is Just A Number 2:34
16. Susie Is My Name 2:27
17. Drum Solo (York) 4.16


Pete York´s New York – Into The Furnace (1980)

FrontCover1After four years with the jazz-focused Chris Barber Band, drummer Pete York departed to form his own group, recruiting bassist Steve Richardson, Mel Thorpe on horns and woodwinds, and synth/keyboardist Roger Munns. Signing to the German Teldec label, the band released three European-only albums, kicking off with its 1980 debut, Into the Furnace, produced by Thomas Martin. York’s time with Barber was well spent; it gave the drummer his first opportunity to play in a jazz ensemble, an experience he wasn’t ready to leave behind just yet. Thus, much of Into the Furnace is jazz-inspired, although with ribbons of rock and R&B streaming through, the band creates a hybrid sound far removed from the fusion most groups parleyed when crossing these genres.

“This Time,” for instance, slides adroitly between R&B, boogie, Britbeat, and modern jazz, subtly connecting the dots between these interconnected styles. “Ways and Means” blends jazz, rock, and a funky-fired bassline; other numbers slip into proggier territory, reaching an apotheosis with the flute-led jazz-rocker title track and the storming “Reason Why,” an incendiary jazz-rocker that slams straight into a fevered boogie-woogie.


York’s own Britbeat past is revisited on a punchy cover of “Gimme Some Lovin’,” but is best experienced on the group’s own “Blue Mountain Roll,” which digs deep into the blues, hitting veins of inspired jazz saxophone and majestic rock synth along the way. This was an adventurous set, and suffered accordingly — too rocking for jazz fans and too jazzy for the rockers, while the R&B, blues, and funk that underpin a number of the pieces were too few and far between for lovers of ’60s musical Americana. Today, however, when recycling of styles is so prevalent, this set sounds not just fresh, but thoroughly at home. This reissue appends three bonus tracks to the original album, all recorded a few years later upon the arrival of singer/organist Eddie Harden (another Spencer Davis Group alumni) and all venturing down musical avenues similar to the mother set. (by Jo-Ann Greene)


If Pete York had laid down his drumsticks after helping Spencer Davis Group become mid 60’s chart legends, he would have already written his name into the annals of music history. Fortunately, he failed to do so and plays on today, a role model for percussionists and much loved and respected by fans and fellow musicians alike. “”Into The Furnace”” eas originally issued in Europe only during 1980 and has become a much sought after item as vinyl only release. Pete said “”People come up to me after gigs asking me to sign their copies so I think once the CD comes out it will have an audience””. Remastered by Pete with 3 bonus tracks and now available for the first time on CD. If you can stand the heat, dear listener, it’s time to try a sizzling slice of New York….

This is the debut album and it´s one of the finest albums, Pete York ever recorded.

A strong jazz-rock album wie a great jazz version of “Gimme Some Lovin´”. Another hightlight ist tha ballad “Blue Mountain Roll”.


The three bonus tracks were from the album “Hardin & New York” from 1981 (without Eddie Hardin)


Roger Munns (keyboards, vocals)
Steve Richardson (bass)
Mel Thorpe (flute, saxophone, clarinet, vocals)
Pete York (drums, percussion)


01. This Time (Thorpe) 4.08
02. Ways And Means (Thorpe/Munns) 3.46
03. Schtick (Richardson) 4.38
04. Now I Know (Thorpe/Munns) 2.36
05. Gimme Some Loving (S.Winwood/M.Winwood/Davis) 3.19
06. Into The Furnace (Thorpe/Munns) 2.51
07. Blue Mountain Roll (Thorpe/Munns) 5.01
08. New Tomorrow (Thorpe/Munns) 3.53
09. Water Fall (Richardson) 3.44
10. The Reasons Why (Thorpe/Munns) 2.34
11. Dreamland (Thorpe/Munns) 5.05
12. Carnival Is Coming (Richardson) 3.27
13. Give Me Be-Bop (Thorpe/Munns) 2.32



PeteYork´s New York 1980

Pete York & Young Friends – Basiecally Speaking (2013)

FrontCover1It all goes back to year 1965. Spencer Davis Group was recording a single for the label Phillips Germany after having released its number one hit “Keep on Running”. Alongside the guitarist and a former German teacher Spencer Davis, Steve Winwood and his older brother Muff also the upcoming drummer Pete York was a member of the band. The producer of the session was Siggi Loch. “We’ve been friends ever since,” Pete York, who turned 70 in August, reminisces. “Maybe it is Siggi’s birthday present that I got the chance to release this album on ACT.”

The present is called „Basiecally Speaking“. As you might guess due to the title, the album is all about Count Basie. York explains: “Basie was almost my first connection with jazz after Louis Armstrong. When I was 15, my mother took me to see his concert. It was unforgettable, particularly due to his energetic drummer Sonny Payne. His big band had such power and dynamics. Basie used the whole language of music and was famous for his musical humour as well as for his economic way of playing the piano. Every note mattered and was swinging. I have tried to include all these things in my music. Most of all, I learnt from Basie what not to play.”

Live01Not only in this aspect is Pete York unique – there are not many drummers who can be compared with the Briton in diversity and ingenuity. York, who has been living in Bavaria since 1984, became famous in the 60s with the Spencer Davis Group and with The World’s Smallest Big Band – a duo with Eddie Hardin. Boundaries between genres have never been important to him – he has played with jazz musicians, such as Chris Barber and Klaus Doldinger, blues stars like Dr. John and rockers including recently the deceased keyboardist Jon Lord from Deep Purple and songwriter Konstantin Wecker. For the German comedian and jazz musician Helge Schneider York does not only hold the drumsticks but even recently acted in one of his films. He also created and appeared in the TV series “Super Drumming” with a number of prominent drummer colleagues. Moreover, York has also got talent as an entertainer with British humour. He once wrote TV comedy scripts alongside members of Monty Python.

York’s openness, relaxed attitude and excellent entertainment qualities coincide with Siggi Loch’s understanding of music. Love for tradition is also important for both. “A lot of young musicians are not acquainted with the history of jazz. You can’t have a future without knowing and honouring the past,” says Siggi Loch. This was the starting point for “Basiecally Speaking”.

Live02In spring Loch received the Škoda Lifetime Achievement Award on the Jazzahead fair in Bremen. He took the prize money, doubled it and invested it into a project in which young upcoming musicians would play together with an experienced star. And who would better fit the role of the leader and mentor than Pete York.

That is why Pete York does not play with „old cats“ on „Basiecally Speaking“ but rather with „Young Friends“. First of all, there is Gábor Bolla, the newest ACT star on saxophone. “That was Siggi’s idea, since I didn’t know him before. I was all the more amazed how extremely well Gabor plays the high-power tenor saxophone that was also very important in Basie’s band, with musicians such as Lester Young, Hershel Evans or Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. For a drummer it is exciting that Gabor can play with rhythmic accuracy at high tempos, relax over the medium tempos and be beautiful on ballads . Andi Kissenbeck, the specialist for groovy Hammond organ, whom York had already met, received an important role on the project. “If you don’t have a brass section, Hammond organ is almost the only alternative. I’ve played with many organists, such as Wild Bill Davis and with rock colleagues including Brian Auger, so I can recognise and appreciate how wonderfully Andi plays.” And finally, there is Torsten Goods, who has shown on his ACT albums “Irish Heart” and “1980” that he plays the classic jazz guitar with unique technical brilliance and style. He can play that all-important Freddie Green rhythm guitar, change to deliver an astonishing solo or punch up an ensemble and he also has a wonderful swinging voice that can be heard on “Gee Baby”.

Andreas Kissenbeck

Andreas Kissenbeck

This session is a milestone in the varied career of Pete York. “I think I’ve been heard on around 200 albums in the last 50 years and now I’ve come back to my first love, the happy swing of Count Basie. What really knocks me out, apart from Siggi wanting me to do this at all, is the way the Young Friends just dived into this project and made such a great sound right off the bat. With guys like these around me I feel as young as they are.

“Basie’s old hits, such as “Cute”, “Jumpin’ At The Woodside” and “Splanky”, are grooving and swinging, making “Basiecally Speaking” a true pleasure. Or, as York puts it in his funny Denglish when things go well together: “Uh, what a Geschmack!” (promotion text)

In other words: This is one of the best jazz-album Pete Mr. Superdumming York ever recorded !

Gabor Bolla (saxophone)
Torsten Goods (guitar, vocals)
Andreas Kissenbeck (organ)
Pete York (drums, vocals)
Wolfgang Schmid (bass on 01.)

01. Groovin’ For Basie (York/Goods/Bolla/Kissenbeck/Schmid) 3.36
02. Tickle Toe (Young) 3.24
03. Jumpin At The Woodside (Basie) 4.11
04. Splanky (Hefti) 5.01
05. Moten Swing ( Benny Moten/Buster Moten) 4.30
06 Flip, Flop And Fly (Calhoun/Turner) 3.32
07. Lil’ Darling (Hefti) 5.31
08. Shiney Stockings (Foster/Hendricks) 5.41
09. Cute (Hefti) 04.02
10 Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You (Redman/Razaf) 3.21
11 Lester Leaps In (Young) 3.48
12 Broadway (Bird/McRae/Woode) 3.53
13. Roll ‘Em Pete (Johnson/Turner) 2.14

* (coming soon)

Torsten Goods

Torsten Goods


York – Auger – Hodgkinson – Steaming (1985)

FrontCover1A digital live recording of the trio in Freiburg, Germany, in April 1985. After their fine work the previous year with Spencer Davis, the tightness of York and Hodgkinson’s interplay on this release comes as little surprise. Auger makes for a fine third, though, with his electric piano lines wafting effortlessly over the rhythm section of “For No One.” Despite a long and loping cover of Donovan’s “Season of the Witch,” and a Hammond romp through a Jimmy McGriff number, the emphasis brought by Auger’s presence is on electric jazz-rock. The band even gamely covers a couple Billy Strayhorn chestnuts mid-show. Like the York/Hodgkinson concerts with Spencer Davis, though, it’s Hodgkinson’s solo bits that steal the spotlight. His sinewy “Catcote Rag” bass solo features some lovely glissando playing, and the “San Francisco Bay Blues” hearkens back to his string-shredding bass blues with Back Door. (by Paul Collins)

This is a very rare album, released in Germany only and it´s a great album by three masters of the British jazz + blues – scene !

Brian Auger (keyboards, vocals)
Colin Hodgkinson (bass, vocals)
Pete York (drums)

01. No One (Brunell) 4.41
02. Freedom Jazz Dance (Harris) 6.15
03. Catcote Rag (Hodgkinson) 3.05
04. San Francisco Bay Blues (Fuller) 3.22
05. Take The “A” Train (Strayhorn) 2.43
06. Prelude To A Kiss (Ellington/Gordon/Mills) 3.24
07. The Hawk Talk (Bellson) 3.27
08. Season Of The Witch (Leitch) 11.46
09. All About My Girl (McGriff) 6.12
10. Going Down Slow (Burnett) 5.07
11. Compared To What (McDaniels) 10.08



Spencer Davis – Live Together (1984)

FrontCover1A 1984 performance in Germany by Spencer Davis, reunited with his former drummer Pete York and with bassist extraordinaire Colin Hodgkinson. “Live Together” isn’t an especially accomplished Spencer Davis live recording, but it’s a very affable one: Pete York banters with his audience in German throughout the set, and it’s clear that everyone’s enjoying themselves. Hodgkinson’s finest bass work has always been in his blues covers, and it’s shown to fine effect here in “Walking Blues” and “Sliding Delta Blues”; Davis himself turns in some tasteful guitar work in a pensive rendition of “Trouble in Mind.” But the undeniable highlight is “I’m a Man.” It’s a hard one to go wrong with by any band, as it’s a song simply incapable of not being rousing when played live. Still, Davis’s washes of electric guitar and the insistent pounding by York make this version particularly worthy. (by Paul Collins)

LabelAThis was the first CD – as far as I remember –  I ever bought. Inak Records released a viny edition, too, but the viny edition included not all songs from this great concert (listen to one of the finest bass player in the world: Colin Hodgkinson !).

Spencer Davis (guitar, vocals)
Colin Hodkginson (bass, vocals)
Pete York (drums, vocals)

01. Keep On Running (Edwards) 6.02
02. Midnight Special (Traditional) 4.26
03. Walking Blues (Johnson) 6.18
04. Mistakes (Feldman) 3.24
05. Sliding Delta (Hurt) 3.43
06. I’m A Man (Miller/Davis/Winwood) 6.43
07. Crossfire (Holler/Careaga) 3.51
08. Blood Runs Hot (Samsel) 3.15
09. Trouble In Mind (Traditional) 5.53
10. Somebody Help Me (Edwards) 7.27
11. Don’t Leave Me (York) 7.40
12. Tulsa Time (Flower) 4.25
13. Gimme Some Lovin’ (M. Winwood/Davis/Winwood) 5.48
14. Muddy Waters (Babcock) 4.51