Yoska Gabor And His Gypsy Orchestra – Gypsy (1962)

FrontCover1.jpgThe real name of Yoskar Gabor was Yoska Nemeth (born in 1921 in Budapest, Hungary – died August 10, 1965 in Paris, France).

This Hungarian violinist (he was nicknamed “The prince of the gypsies”) had great sucess in his adopted country France, he was a highly celebrated violinonist in this time.

So he won the “Grand prix du disque” in 1956 and he was a importnat part of the Gsypsy Jazz Scene in France in thte Fifites. He played with musicians like Sonia Dimitrevitch and Django Reinhardt.

I guess he was a master of his own and if you like this sort of music, than … you should listen … and you´ll hear a wonderful and brilliant violin, celebrating the art of Gypsy Music !

This album was recorded in Paris/France for the French label Barcley Records.


Lucien Baudry (violin)
Louis Déand (violin)
Henry Drissen (violin)
Marcel Fraiberg (accordion)
Antonin Grozleziat (cello)
Constantin Neagu (piano)
Yoska “Gabor” Nemeth (violin)
Ernest Pseffer (bass)
Sandov Puka (cymbals)
Henry Rosés (violin)
Joseph Sollero (guitar)
Angelo Toscano (violin)


01. Dark Eyes 3.06
02. Popular Gypsy Melodies 2.52
03. Gypsy Bell 2.54
04. Gari Gari 1.50
05. The Black Hussards 2.35
06. By Pity 3.56
07 .Gypsy Love Boubliski 3.55
08. The Symphony Of The Birds 4.47
09. I’ll Wait For You The Way Is Long 3.53
10. Gypsy Mazurka 3.56
11. The Weapons Gleam In The Sunshine 2.19
12. Come Gypsy Czardas Of “Come Gypsy” 4.37
13. Roumanian Dance 1.43

All songs: Traditionals




Taken from the book
“From Coffee to Champagne to Coconuts” by Brigitte Kassa