Young & Moody – Same (1977)

LPFrontCover1 The Young & Moody Band was a UK blues rock band from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, headed by Status Quo co-writer Bob Young and Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody.

The band started under the name “Young & Moody”, releasing a self-titled album on Magnet Records in 1977. Later they changed their name to “The Young & Moody Band”. Their 1981 single “Don’t Do That” also featured Lemmy from Motörhead, Cozy Powell and The Nolans and charted at #63 on the UK Singles Chart.

YoungMoodyTheir follow up single, ‘These Eyes’, was used in a U.K. jeans commercial (circa 1981). Graham Bonnet (ex Rainbow) did the vocals (but not on the single) and the lyrics ‘these eyes’ were replaced with the word ‘Levis’. It was written by Ed Hamilton, who also wrote “Night Games” from Bonnet’s third album Line-Up. Both tracks were available as singles on Bronze Records and featured on the compilation album A Quiet Night In. When released on that compilation album, it earned gold discs abroad. (by wikipedia)

And this is their fantastic debut-album from 1977, which was produced by Roger Glover from Deep Purple. The coverart was from the legendary Hipgnosis !

Although this is a low-budget project it´s more than pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable.

Micky Moody (guitar, mandolin)
Graham Preskett (violin, bass, keyboards)
Terry Stannard (drums, percussion)
Bob Young (vocals, harmonica)
Drums, Percussion – Terry Stannard

01. You Make It Roll (Young/Moody) 5.16
02. I’ll Be Back (Rossi/Young) 3.04
03. Chicago Blue (Young/Moody) 4.25
04. Four Until Late (Johnson) 4.46
05. Young & Moody (Young/Moody) 3.06
06. Too Young To Feel This Way (Young/Moody) 4.58
07. Just Close Your Eyes (Young/Moody) 2.55
08. Someone Else’s Door (Young/Moody) 3.44
09. I’m Going Away (Cotton/Traditional) 3.18
10.  I Thought I’d Seen It All (Young/Moody) 3.40
11. Chained To Love (Young/Moody) 4.48
12. Don’t You Tell Me To Go (Young/Moody/Markee) 3.07



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