Lake – Same (1976)

USFrontCover1Lake, or commonly referred to as The Lake in some countries, is a German-British rock music group that formed in 1973 in Hamburg, Germany. In 1975, they were joined by lead singer James Hopkins-Harrison, who gave them their signature sound for the remainder of their recording career.

The band was originally active as The Tornados between 1967 and 1973, before reincarnated as Lake in 1973. They achieved modest success in Europe from the mid-1970s through the early 1980s, particularly in Germany where they were named artist of the year by the German Phono Academy in 1977. That same year, their self-titled debut album reached #92 in the US, and the single Time Bomb reached #83, which would prove to be their greatest success in the US.


The album reached #97 while Time Bomb reached #91 in Canada. Lake toured the US in the late 1970s as the opening act for various headline acts, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Oak Arkansas, and Neil Young. On June 23, 1978, they were the opening act of a rock festival at the Feyenoord football stadium in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and were followed by Eric Clapton, Champion Jack Dupree and headliner Bob Dylan. After their contract with CBS was discontinued the label released previously unavailable live material from stage appearances between May 1979 and October 1980, introducing the Lake 1 (incl. Detlef Petersen) and the Lake 2 (incl. Achim Oppermann) formations on the double live album Live – On the Run. The band was able to sign another contract with the German Polydor label and in 1984 they released album #6, No Time for Heroes.


In 1985 Lake released Voices and in 1986 recorded its final Polydor album, So What. Longtime drummer Dieter Ahrendt left and was replaced by Udo Dahmen. Bassist Jo (Josef) Kappl also left, replaced by Benjamin Hüllenkrämer. So What included “Inside To Outside”, written by Achim Oppermann which had already been performed by former Kajagoogoo lead singer Limahl. Lake ceased to exist by 1986/87. James Hopkins-Harrison died from an overdose of heroin in 1991.

James Hopkins-Harrison

At the beginning of the new millennium, Lake was revived by Alex Conti, including Mike Starrs, Adrian Askew, Mickie Stickdorn, and Michael “Bexi” Becker. In March 2005, the first Lake studio recording in 20 years was released: The Blast of Silence.

After having had to withdraw their 2012 album, Freedom, due to quarrels with their then singer, Lloyd Anderson; their original singer, Ian Cussick, rejoined the band.[1] In February 2014, Lake released their new album Wings of Freedom, which contains most of the material of Freedom (except for three songs which have been replaced by two new songs), with new vocals by Cussick.


Lake is the first studio album by Lake, released in Germany in 1976 and the USA in 1977. The track “Time Bomb” was the band’s highest charting single of their career. It reached #91 in Canada in December 1977. (wikipedia)

US Inlet01A

Lake’s debut showed them in strong form doing what they do best: pop-oriented, rocking tunes. It would be a sound that would be their mainstay for their entire career. From the opening piece, “On the Run,” the group established themselves in the same vein as bands like Supertramp. The mode of the disc was a bit lighter than some other groups of that ilk, though. They achieved some fame with this one based on the first single, “Time Bomb,” still one of their best songs. This band really did the pop/rock-slightly-based-on-prog genre as well as any — and better than most. It’s a shame they never achieved the level of fame that should have been theirs. (by Gary Hill)


Dieter Ahrendt (drums, percussion)
Alex Conti (guitar, background vocals)
James Hopkins-Harrison (vocals)
Geoffrey Peacey (keyboards, background vocals, guitar)
Detlef Petersen (keyboards, background vocals)
Martin Tiefensee (bass)

The German edition:
German editionTracklist:
01. On the Run (Petersen/Hopkins-Harrison) 4.08
02. Sorry to Say (Petersen/Hopkins-Harrison) 3.07
03. Time Bomb (Hopkins-Harrison/Peacey) 3.17
04. Chasing Colours (Petersen/Hopkins-Harrison) 3.48
05. Do I Love You (Petersen/Hopkins-Harrison) 4.05
06. Key To The Rhyme (Petersen/Hopkins-Harrison) 4.35
07. Jesus Came Down (Petersen/Hopkins-Harrison) 3.45
08. Between The Lines (Petersen/Hopkins-Harrison/Peacey/Conti/Tiefensee/Ahrendt) 10.26



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