The Pretty Things – Live At The Maxim – Stuttgart – Germany (1984)

FrontCover1This is another example of my very private tape collection of live recordings (“audience tape”) and this time I will present The Pretty Things !

The Pretty Things are an English rock band from London, who originally formed in 1963. They took their name from Willie Dixon’s 1955 song “Pretty Thing”. Their most commercially successful period was the mid-1960s, although they continue to perform to this day.

By late 1970, The Pretty Things had gone their separate ways due to commercial failures … Reforming for the 1980 … May and Taylor used various session musicians …

And this is an example of The Pretty Things, recorded live in the 80´s – a very bad decade for The Pretty Things … but if you listen to this tape … youl will understand, why I called The Pretty Things as one of the most important bands in the history of Rock !

And you will hear very rare vesions of great songs like “She Don´t”, “Shakin´All Over”, “Young Pretenders“, ” In The Midnight Hour” and  “Gimme Some Lovin´(Spencer Davis Group) … Enjoy this very rare tape !

John Clark (drums)
Kevin Flanigan (saxophone)
Phil May (vocals)
Joe Show (guitar)
David Wilkey (keyboards)
David Winter (bass)

01. Mercy Mercy Mercy (Zawinul) 7.05
02. Big Boss Man (Reed) 4.04
03. Midnight To Six Men (Taylor/May) 3.31
04. King Bee (Morganfield) 8.08
05. Around And Around (Berry) 3.13
06. Road Runner (McDaniel) 3.11
07. She Don´t (Taylor/May) 6.13
08. Shakin´All Over (Kidd/Robinson) 4.28
09. Mona (Part 1) (McDaniel) 4.35
10. Mona (Part 2) (McDaniel) 6.12
11. Route 66 (Troup) 7.39
12. Young Pretenders (May/Povey/Tolson) 5.13
13. In The Midnight Hour (Pickett/Cropper) 3.34
14. Gimme Some Lovin´(S.Winwood/Davis//M.Winwood) 7.32
15. Honey I Need.(Taylor/Button/Smithling) 3.01
16. Down So Long (Taylor/May) 6.32


3 thoughts on “The Pretty Things – Live At The Maxim – Stuttgart – Germany (1984)

    • Wow, I did not expect such a quick answer! Thank you. The sound quality is pretty good for an audience recording and the performance is solid. It’s a shame that period has been all but written out of the band’s history. Sure, they did not release any new records, but their gigs were consistently good and enjoyable as far as I can tell.

      Have a nice holiday season! And thanks again.


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