The Who – Concert For The People Of Kampuchea (1979)

FrontCover1Concerts for the People of Kampuchea was a series of concerts featuring Queen, The Clash, The Pretenders, The Who, Elvis Costello, Wings, and many more artists which took place at the Hammersmith Odeon in London during December 1979 to raise money for the victims of war-torn Cambodia. The event was organized by Paul McCartney and Kurt Waldheim, and it involved older artists such as McCartney and The Who as well as younger, new wave acts like The Clash and the Pretenders. The last of the concerts was the last concert of Wings. An album and EP were released in 1981, and the best of the concerts were released as a film, Concert for Kampuchea. (by wikipedia)

And here´s a bootleg (soundboard recording) from the complete show by the legendary The Who. A great setlist including some rare perfomances like “The Real Me”, “I´m A Man”, “I Don’t Wanna Be An Old Man” or “Dancing In The Streets”.

But … to be honest, this was not the best performance from Roger Daltrey …

Recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, December 28, 1979


Roger Daltrey (vocals, harmonica)
John Entwistle (bass)
Kenny Jones (drums)
Pete Townshend (guitar, vocals)
John “Rabbitt” Bundrick (keyboards)


01. Introduction 0.42
02. Substitute (Townshend)
03. I Can’t Explain (Townshend) 4.01
04. Baba O’Riley (Townshend) 6.27
05. The Punk And The Godfather (Townshend) 5.48
06. My Wife (Entwistle) 9.17
07. Sister Disco (Townshend) 6.05
08. Behind Blue Eyes (Townshend) 6.03
09. Music Must Change (Townshend) 10.12
10. Drowned (Townshend) 12.20
11. Who Are You (Townshend) 8.06
12. 5:15 (Townshend) 8.42
13. Pinball Wizard (Townshend) 4.42
14. See Me Feel Me (Townshend) 6.19
15. Long Live Rock (Townshend) 5.29
16. My Generation (Townshend) 6.15
16. I’m A Man (McDaniel) 5.17
17. Sparks + I Can See For Miles (Townshend) 4.43
19. I Don’t Wanna Be An Old Man (Townshend) 3.36
20. Won’t Get Fooled Again (Townshend) 15.38
21. Summertime Blues (Cochran/Capehart) 3.14
22. Dancing In The Streets (Gaye/William/Stevenson/Hunter)4.17
23. Dance It Away (Townshend) 6.08
24. The Real Me (Townshend) 5.34



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