Appogee – Unconscious Ruckus (2004)

FrontCover1Jay Skinner is a relatively unknown electronica producer as far as the main international stage is concerned. With his first international debut album from his Appogee moniker entitled Unconscious Ruckus, Skinner comes out swinging and making damn sure he is heard on as many levels as possible. Keep your guard up because the young producer is no amateur lightweight. He has been successful in the production side of media for quite some time, producing music for advertisement firms and media, and has two major motion picture credits under his belt.Unconscious Ruckus is a tour de force of experimental guitar artistry paired with whispered vocalizations and poetry, a city of towering melodic sound-scrapers completely surrounded by outrageously colossal basslines and supported with hyper-jungle breakbeats. Each track is a masterpiece in its own right and Skinner’s production skills only accent the talent behind the music. The album progresses as if it were moving along a carefully constructed path, a conduit that showcases the meticulous work that went into the construction of each composition.

Two specific creative elements from the producer sparkle with passion and strength: the herculean guitar work, and his painstakingly detailed basslines. These two fundamental pieces of the puzzle, along with Skinner’s excellent understanding of industry standard production and mix techniques, make this album a solid debut for Appogee, and will no doubt lead the artist to greener pastures. (by Dustin Michael)

Jay Skinner (all instruments)

JaySkinnerJay Skinner

01. Ep[I]phany 3.20
02. Ntheme 3.39
03. This Moment 3.56
04. Y Illumative 4.10
05. Creeper 4.38
06. Coral 4.47
07. I’m Yours 4.28
08. Kddr Mov.2 7.04
09. Kddr Mov.3 2.57
10. Meaning Of Life 6.24

All tracks composed by Jay Skinner