Corky Laing – Makin’ It On The Street (1977)

FrontCover1Makin’ It on the Street is such a good album it should really get Mountain fans angry, as well as calling to arms the followers of the brief but important West, Bruce & Laing. The title track, a Corky Laing co-write with F. Conroy, is in the pocket, vocally and instrumentally, and beyond that it is simply great. Laing’s voice is very appealing and the music drives with precision and heart. “See Me Through” beats Bruce Hornsby at his own game (and predates his rise to fame by a good nine years). John Sandlin’s production is understated; it is your typical West Coast sound that Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles were emphasizing, but the feel is straight out of Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett. Horns chirp in and out and there is none of Leslie West’s crunch, though he did co-write the first track with Laing and M. Jones. Remaking Barbara George’s 1961 R&B hit, “I Know,” is a perfect New Orleans addition to this surprisingly fine record. Why it was released on Elektra is a mystery, as it sounds nothing like the Doors, Neil Sedaka, Carly Simon, Queen, or the Stooges. OK, CorkyLaing1maybe it’s a bit like Carly Simon when she and James Taylor did “Mockingbird,” but still, it is not often that a hard rock drummer can deliver something so powerful straight out of left field. Eric Clapton’s appearances have made discs by Yoko Ono and others highly collectible, but Makin’ It on the Street seems to have slipped through the cracks. The bizarre cover, with Corky Laing as a guitar-strumming minstrel (the drum sticks are in his back pocket), isn’t as effective as the inside photo of a smiling shirtless Laing on horseback. It’s not often a musician gets to step out of the genre he’s associated with to make such a musical album totally on his terms. As stated above, it should make fans of both Mountain as well as West, Bruce & Laing quite angry; his talents were under-utilized on those projects and could have lifted them to loftier heights. The Southern rock slant and multitude of friends — including but not limited to Eric Clapton, Joe English, Paul Hornsby, Vanetta Fields, Clydie King, Sherlie Matthews, Randall Bramlett, and so on and so forth — combine to manifest a true musical anomaly that is as satisfying as it is surprising. (by Joe Viglione)

And “Growin’ Old With Rock & Roll” ist not only the best song Corky Laing ever written, but one of the most important songs for me !

CorkyLaing (2)Personnel:
Calvin Arline (bass)
Randall Bramlett (horn)
Pete Carr (guitar)
Venetta Fields (backgropund vocals)
Clydie King (background vocals)
Corky Laing (drums, percussion, vocals, guitar)
Neal Larsen (keyboards)
Sherlie Matthews (background vocals)
Tommy Talton (guitar)
Frank Vicari (horn)
The Muscle Shoals Horn Section:
Charles Rose, Harrison Calloway, Harvey Thompson, Ronald Eades
Dickey Betts (guitar on 01.)
Eric Clapton (guitar on 01.)
George Terry (guitar on 01.)

01. On My Way (To The River) (West/Laing/Jones) 3.40
02. Makin’ It On The Street (Laing/Conroy) 5.22
03. Two Places At One Time (Laing) 3.16
04 See Me Through (Laing/Conroy) 2.58
05. Don’t You Worry (Laing/Conroy) 3.46
06. I Know (George) 3.54
07. Somebody Told Me (Laing) 4.08
08. Growin’ Old With Rock & Roll (Laing) 4.22
09. Heaven (Laing) 4.14




Corky Laing And The Memory Thieves – Iridium Live 005 8-1-2012 (2013)

FrontCover1Mountain’s Corky Laing is back with his phenomenal new band The Memory Thieves ! Legendary drummer Corky Laing and his band of Memory Thieves take you on a mind-blowing musical journey through time, performing hits Laing wrote, recorded and performed with Mountain and West, Bruce & Laing – rock anthems like “Mississippi Queen,” “Nantucket Sleighride,” and “The Doctor.” The Memory Thieves also beat the drum of pulsing modern rock with edgy, newly-minted originals to deliver an unforgettable show where past meets present and nothing gets old. Performing music from their Larry Campbell-produced debut, “House of Thieves.”(by Record Heaven)

Corky Laing needs no introduction and is recognised as one of the great drummers of the rock world (Mountain amongst many others).

This debut recording introduces his new band The Memory Thieves, featuring on guitar and keyboards Denny Colt , who has played with Tang, Dee Snider, and has appeared in the movie ‘The Toxic Avenger’.
Bonnie Parker on bass, and Josh Horton on lead vocals.

The Memory Thieves take you on a mind blowing musical journey through time, performing hits Laing wrote, recorded and performed with Mountain and West, Bruce & Laing. They also beat the drum of pulsing modern rock with newly minted originals, classic covers where the past meets the present and nothing gets old. (by Floating World)

Denny Colt (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Josh Horton (vocals)
Corky Laing (drums, vocals)
Bonnie Parker (bass, vocals)

01. Denny’s Colt (Colt) 1.54
02. Rockafella’s Lament (Colt/Laing) 3.32
03. Roadkill (Colt/Laing) 4.30
04. House Of Thieves (Colt/Laing) 4.20
05. Promised Land (Colt/Laing) 6.07
06. Eve Of Destruction (Sloan) 4.34
07. Nantucket Sleighride (Pappalardi/Collins) 6.43
08. Ring Of Fire (Cash/Carter) 4.52
09. Sinner Man (Colt/Laing) 5.51
10. Never In My Life (West/Pappalardi/Collins/Laing) 3.30
11. The Doctor (including “Like A Rolling Stone”) (Laing/Bruce/West/Palmer(Dylan) 17.37
12. Mississippi Queen (West/Laing/Pappalardi/Rea) 3.54
13. Silver Paper (West/Pappalardi/Collins/Gardos/Knight/Laing) 5.37