Various Artists – Musica Futurista – The Art Of Noises (2004)

FrontCover1The Art of Noises (Italian: L’arte dei Rumori) is a Futurist manifesto written by Luigi Russolo in a 1913 letter to friend and Futurist composer Francesco Balilla Pratella. In it, Russolo argues that the human ear has become accustomed to the speed, energy, and noise of the urban industrial soundscape; furthermore, this new sonic palette requires a new approach to musical instrumentation and composition. He proposes a number of conclusions about how electronics and other technology will allow futurist musicians to “substitute for the limited variety of timbres that the orchestra possesses today the infinite variety of timbres in noises, reproduced with appropriate mechanisms”.

The Art of Noises is considered by some authors to be one of the most important and influential texts in 20th-century musical aesthetics. (wikipedia)

Luigi Russolo

Musica Futurista is a collection of music and spoken word from the Italian Futurist movement 1909-1935, including original recordings made by Filipo Tomasso Marinetti and Luigi Russolo.

As well as vintage free-verse readings by Futurist founding father Marinetti, this popular primer includes recordings of the celebrated intonarumori (noise intoners) devised by Russolo, including a fragment from his lost landmark work The Awakening of a City.

Alongside restored archive recordings, the 73 minute album includes performances of key Futurist musical works by Balilla Pratella, Luigi Grandi, Silvio Mix, Aldo Giuntini, Franco Casavola and Alfredo Casella by leading contemporary interpreter Daniele Lombardi. (press release)

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Musicians/Artists influenced by The Art of Noises
John Cage
Pierre Schaeffer
Pierre Henry
Art of Noise
Adam Ant
Einstürzende Neubauten
Test Dept
DJ Spooky
Dywane Thomas, Jr.
Francisco López
R. Henry Nigl
Jean-Luc Hervé Berthelot


“Of the major early 20th century artistic movements, Futurism is widely acknowledged as a major influence, and the first in which music and performance were major elements. Musica Futurista contains the first substantial recordings of Futurist music, digitally remastered and with two additional tracks. The booklet text by James Nice is informative” (The Wire, 09/2004)

“The influence of these works can be seen across multiple genres, from modern composition to avant rock and electronica” (Brainwashed, 08/2004)

“A terrific collection” (All Music Guide)

“A beautiful and serene re-examination of explosive thinkers and the bombs they loved. One of the most important records released this year” (Paris Transatlantic, 06/2006)



Filippo Tommaso Marinetti:
01. Definizione Di Futurismo 3.04

Francesco Balilla Pratella: La Guerra – Three Dances For Orchestra, Op 32:
02. L’Aspettazione 2.22
03. La Battaglia 2.52
04. La Vittoria 3.16

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti:
05. La Battaglia Di Adrianopoli 2.59

Luigi Russolo:
06. Risveglio Di Una Città 0.29
Intonarumori Sound Samples:
07. Gorgogliatore (Gurgler) 1.22
08. Ronzatore (Buzzer) 1.03
09. Ululatore (Howler) 1.42
10. Crepitatore (Crackler) 1.06

Antonio Russolo:
11. Corale 1.57
12. Serenata 2.34

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti & Aldo Giuntini:
13. Sintesi Musicali Futuriste 6.53

Aldo Giuntini:
14. The India Rubber Man (Foxtrot) 2.00

Luigi Grandi:
15. Aeroduello (Dinamosintesi) 2.56

Silvio Mix:
16. Two Preludes From ‘Gli Stati D’Animo’ 2.40
17. Profilo Sintetico-Musicale Di Marinetti 1.10

Franco Casavola:
18. Prelude To ‘Prigionieri’ 2.48
19. Danza Della Scimmie 2.29

Alfredo Casella:
20. Pupazzetti 6.57

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti:
21. Parole In Libertà 3.37

Matty Malneck & Frank Signorelli:
22. Futurist Caprice 3.50

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti:
23. Cinque Sintesi Radiofoniche 13.08
23.1. Un Paesaggio Udito
23.2. Dramma Di Distanze
23.3. I Silenzi Parlano Fra Di Loro
23.4. Battaglia Di Ritmi
23.5. La Costruzione Di Un Silenzio




I got this very rare album with early Avantgarde music from Italy from Mr. Sleeve … Thank you very much !