The International Youth Band – Newport 1958 (1958)

FrontCover1The Newport Jazz Festival: One of the major jazz festivals in the US in the 1950s and 1960s. It had started in 1954 and developed into one of the most important jazz festivals from that period.

George Wein invited Marshall Brown, bandleader, who impressed at the 1957 Newport Festival with his Farmingdale High School Band, to select young talented European jazz musicians for an International Youth Band to perform at the Newport Festival edition 1958.

The International Youth Band was scheduled at Newport Jazz Festival at the Freebody Park in Newton (Ri) for two concerts – one Friday afternoon and a second one at the Sunday evening program, the 6th of July 1958 ….. This concert was recorded and released on lp, although Michael Fitzgerald gives in his discography the 4th of July as the recording date. (

The International Youth Band at Newport, 1958

At first I wasn’t satisfied with the arrangements, but after a few rehearsals the band sounded pretty good (Ruud Jacobs)

Check the line up and you´ll find some very young jazz musicians who later became very successful and well known. musicians like George Gruntz, Gabor Szabo, Dusko Gojkovic, Albert Mangelsdorff or Ronnie Ross.

A real fine concert !


Gilberto Cuppini (drums)
George Gruntz (piano)
Rudolph Jacobs (bass)
Gabor Szabo (guitar)
Palle Bolvig – Roger Guerin – Dusko Gojkovic – Jose Magalhais

Christian Kellens – Kurt Jarnberg – Erich Kleinschuster –

Hans Salomon – Wladimiro Bas Zabache – Bernt Rosengren – Jan Wroblewski – Ronnie Ross – Andy Marsala

conducted by Marshall Brown

Alternate front + backcover:

01. Don’t Wait For Me Henry (Brown/Shuman) 7.15
02. Don’t Blame Me (Fields/McHugh) 3.54
03. Jazz Concerto For Alto Sax (LaPorta) 3.58
04. Too Marvelous For Words (Mercer/Whitling) 3.22
05. Swingin’ The Blues (Durham/Basie) 8.33
06. Imagination (Burke/Van Heusen) 3.44
07. Newport Suite, Op. 24 (Russo) 8.30