UFO – Mechanix (1982)

FrontCover1Mechanix is the tenth studio album by the British hard rock band UFO; it was released in 1982. The contemporary music-press adverts on the album’s release carried the tag-line ‘Mechanix: it will tighten your nuts’. Immediately after the completion of the tour in support of the album, founding member and bassist Pete Way left the band to join former Motörhead guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke in Fastway.

It was reissued in 1994 on Repertoire Records. The album was also reissued in 2009, remastered with an expanded booklet and bonus tracks. (by wikipedia)

A great record with some fine songs. Starts off with The Writer, a great rocker showing vocalist Phil Mogg in fine form. Next up is a rare cover track for the bank, Something Else. A fun high energy song that would have been great live. Now on to the highlight, Back Into My Life. The band slows it down a bit and Phil Mogg sings the hell out of this song. Two other great ones on this record are We Belong To The Night and Let It Rain. Fun high energy record when the partying and personnel issues were becoming major issues in the band. (by Thomas Abraira)


Neil Carter (keyboards, guitar, background vocals, saxophone)
Paul Chapman (guitar)
Phil Mogg (vocals)
Andy Parker (drums)
Pete Way (bass)


01. The Writer (Chapman/Mogg/Carter) 4.12
02. Somethin’ Else (Cochran/Sheeley) 3.21
03. Back Into My Life (Way/Mogg) 4.59
04. You’ll Get Love (Carter/Chapman/Mogg) 3.10
05. Doing It All For You (Way/Chapman/Carter/Mogg) 5.02
06. We Belong To The Night (Way/Carter/Mogg) 3.57
07. Let It Rain (Way/Carter/Mogg) 4.01
08. Terri (Chapman/Mogg) 3.53
09. Feel It (Way/Mogg) 4.07
10. Dreaming (Carter/Mogg) 3.57
11. Heel Of A  Stranger (Japanese CD edition bonus track) (Way/Chapman/Carter/Mogg) 4.05
2009 Digital Remastered edition bonus tracks:
12. We Belong To The Night (live in Oxford, 25 March 1983) (Way/Carter/Mogg) 4.34
13. Let It Rain (live in Oxford, 25 March 1983) (Way/Carter/Mogg) 3.07
14. Doing It All for You (soundcheck at The Birmingham Odeon, 26 March 1983) (Way/Chapman/Carter/Mogg) 5.21





Various Artists – Reading Rock – Volume One (1982)

lpfrontcover1The twenty second festival possibly had a more attractive lineup than 1981, at least if one was a heavy rock devotee. The inclusion of hard rock guitar stalwarts Gary Moore, Randy California, southern rockers Blackfoot and erstwhile pub rockers Dave Edmunds and Wilko Johnson gave the lineup spine that was missing from the previous year.

   The headliners were also a tad more prestigious. The Scorpions/UFO former lead guitarist Michael Schenker, whose repertoire veered into the sort of metal jazz/rock territory inhabited by Jeff Beck- as well as delivering more predictable hard rock fare -gave Sunday night a touch of class .
   Budgie and Iron Maiden were guaranteed to deliver an exciting hard rock show, regardless of whether one thought of them as innovators within the genre or not. Maiden’s credentials were reinforced by the presence of Bruce Dickinson , the erstwhile Samson lead vocalist , who had taken over the vocal spot from Paul Di’Anno .
   All three of these artists were recorded by the venerable BBC and broadcast on the Radio One Friday night rock show in 1983 .
Iron Maiden
Once again, Reading delivered a mid range experience for the punters , no top end acts like Pink Floyd or the Stones which needed a mega crowd to return the organisers a profit, but a solid workmanlike bill that would leave the attendees satisfied in the main . This was what Reading was about at the time, but the formula was about to change , as 1983 would be the last Reading for several years, at long last , the never ending story was about to come to a ( temporary ) stop (by ukrockfestivals.com)
It is strange that Mean Records chose to include a couple of tracks that weren’t actually from the 82 Festival – Whitesnake’s recording was from the 79 Festival and UFO’s from 1980. Yet, they neglected to include tracks from bands that did perform like – Iron Maiden, Gary Moore and Tygers of Pan Tang. Below is the (almost) correct running order of the 1982 Reading Festival, taken from the official festival program. Perhaps they had intended to release a Volume Two (based on the name for this release – Volume One) but as far as I can gather this did not happen. (by Mr. AussieRock)
Michael Schenker
I add ten more songs from this great Festival (thanks to rockonvinyl.blogspot.de)
01. Whitesnake:  Walking In The Shadows Of The Blues (Coverdale/Marsden) 4.40
02. Terraplane: I Want Your Body (Morley)  5.47
03. Marillion: He Knows You Know (Marillion) 4.46
04. Jackie Lynton: Slow Rider (Lynton/White) 4.46
05: Budgie: Superstar (Shelley/Thomas) 4.07
06. Bernie Marsden: S.O.S. (Marsden/Hawthorn) 4.42
07. Chinatown: I Wanna See You Tonight (Chinatown) 3.58
08. Randy California:  Come On Woman (California) 4.07
09. Stampede: There And Back (L.Archer/R.Archer/Bond) 5.44
10. Twisted Sister: Shoot ‘Em Down (Snider) 5.07
11. Michael Schenker: Attack Of The Mad Axeman  (Schenker/Barden) 4.31
12. Marillion: Three Boats Down From The Candy (Marrilion) 4.40
13. Terraplane: Turn Me Loose (Morley) 4.13
14. Just Good Friends: You Really Got Me (Davies) 4.27
15. UFO: Hot And Ready (Schenker/Mogg) 3.25
16. Budgie: Panzer Division Destroyed (Shelley/Thomas) 6.20
17. Grand Prix: Keep On Believin’ (Lanzon/O`Donoghue) 5.10
18. Spider: All The Time (Burrows/Harkness) 4.07
19. Chinatown: Caught On The Wrong Side (Chinatown) 4.24
20. Jackie Lynton; Hedgehog Song (Lynton) 4.57
21. Gary Moore: Nuclear Attack (Moore) 5.27
22. Iron Maiden: Wrathchild (Harris) 3.32
23. Praying Mantis: Nightmares (C.Troy/Potts/Carroll/T.Troy) 3.01
24. Tygers Of Pan Tang: Blackjack (Tygers Of Pan Tan) 3.04
25. Y&T: Black Tiger (Kennemore/O´Conner/Rush/Haze/Alves/Meniketti) 4.14
26. Gary Moore: Parisean Walkways (Lynott/Moore) 5.25
27. Iron Maiden Tush (Beard/Gibbons/Hill) 6.05
28. Praying Mantis: Flirtin’ With Suicide (C.Troy/Potts/Carroll/T.Troy) 5.28
29. Tygers Of Pan Tang:
Slave To Freedom (Cox/Dick/Weir) 5.18
30. Y&T: Forever (Kennemore/O´Conner/Rush/Haze/Alves/Meniketti) 5.47

UFO – Chicago (1980)

FrontCover1Here is a note from soundaboard.blogspot regarding the opening Alpha Centuri track:

Don’t be fooled when you hear Foreigner’s Head Games in the first track, it is just the warming sound on the monitors before the show begins.

And what an enormous show this is, despite some drop-outs and small cuts, and also some DJ talk but not intrusive. It’s another one of those fabulous UFO performances at the International Amphitheater in Chicago this time on the No Place To Run tour on 1980 March 16, with the song Too Hot To Handle being dedicated to Bon [AC/DC] Scott that passed out [sic] one month before this gig.

Thanks to sniffy for sharing this at Dime.

Recorded live at the International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL; March 16, 1980.
Very good to excellent FM broadcast.

Paul Chapman (guitar)
Phil Mogg (vocals)
Andy Parker (drums)
Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Pete Way (bass)

01. Alpha Centuri (Chapman) 4.47
02. Lettin’ Go (Mogg/Way/Chapman) 3.42
03. Youngblood (Mogg/Way) 4.45
04. No Place To Run (Mogg/Chapman) 5.03
05. Cherry (Way/Mogg) 4.18
06. Only You Can Rock Me (Way/Schenker/Mogg) 4.43
07. Love To Love (Schenker/Mogg) 9.01
08. Mystery Train (Parker/Phillips) 5.39
09. Doctor Doctor (Schenker/Mogg) 7.17
10. Too Hot To Handle (Way/Mogg) 5.27
11. Lights Out (Schenker/Mogg/Parker/Way) 3.54
12. Lights Out (Cont.) (Schenker/Mogg/Parker/Way) 5.51
13. Rock Bottom (Schenker/Mogg) 14.10
14. Shoot Shoot (Schenker/Mogg/Parker/Way) 13.26