Cecilia und die Sauerkrauts – Same (2009)

FrontCover1A real strange album ! But a real good one !

Cecilia und die Sauerkrauts abandoned their disguise and crawled out of the basements. There, in Wuerzburg, Lower Franconia, they practised their rehearsals, in order to pamper the world with their intercontinental global 60’s beat. Sometimes charming and enchanting, sometimes humorous or quite different, i. e. rough, this squad’s home beat burns in the whole body and causes vibrations too. It’s obvious, that such an exceptionally gifted band with such a great and incredible cast of characters does not only rehearse, in order to be once on stage. Just in time to their first performance, their first album “SAUERKRAUT, WURST UND OTHER DELIGHTS” is released. And which record label would suit better for such a phonophile record as SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, where the wirepullers share the band’s predilection for beer, sausage, Jaegermeister (famous German cordial) and sauerkraut?! The biographie of the members of the band gives the impression of a menu with a swirling and fine taste too: On the one hand we have the delightful CECILIA from France, which more than merely convinced as head of the LOFI-PUNK band THE NO-TALENTS, the NEW WAVEPUNK band Operation S and, of course, with her absolute 60’s combo CECILIA ET SES ENNUIS. On the other hand RUSSEL QUAN from USA could be engaged for drums. RUSSEL QUAN is known as one of the founder and a member of such legendary bands like THE MUMMIES, THE FLAKES, THE BOBBYTEENS, DUKES OF HAMBURG.


On bass, CECILIA is supported by RYAN from USA, who played amongst others in bands like THE EPOXIES. The brass band leader Fred plays the axe (guitar), as he does in the charming 60’s French-Beat-Pop combo LES TERRIBLES too, respectively at OPERATION S as well. None other than Fredovitch pounds the keys of the organ, well-known for his ONE-MAN Show as well as his performance at KING KHAN & THE SHRINES and THE HERO-X. The grandiose, smart and both humorous and charming too 60’s Beat of this ALL-STAR band consists of original compositions as well as of own arrangements (in French), based on the French 60’s Beat/Pop, on classics of PowerPop-, Garage-, Punk- and 60’s-songs Like ALL KINDSA GIRLS by the REAL KIDS, KNOW YOUR PRODUCT by THE SAINTS, LAST CARESS by the MISFITS, SMOKE by ? MARK & THE MYSTERIANS, etc.


They even translated in the good old THE BOOTS manner NINO FERRERS hit “ALEXANDER” into German (on their own) and therefore create a rackety party mood with all the other songs on the album. Finally it is necessary to make mention of the special fact, that the A&M records cover version of the legendary HERB ALBERT’S TIJUUANA BRASS LP “WHIPPED CREAM & OTHER DELIGHTS” has been copied for several times, although never in a such sexy way! And what the favorite dish is for somebody, will be used as a replacement for clothes by others, yummy!!! (Promotion text)

Crazy … more than crazy … but … listen to this gem ! What a great hommage to the sound of the Sixties ! Wow !

And on “Dernière caresse” you will hear a little bit of the great Patti Smith …


Fred “Fredovitch” Bourdil (keyboards)
Eric Erickson (drums)
Frédéric “Fred* Guillamaud (guitar, vocals, organ)
Cécilia Menau (vocals, organ)
Ryan Puckett (bass)


01. Je dis hey (Mysterians/Meneau) 2.21
02. Avant la lumière du jour (Meneau/Guillamaud) 3.50
03. J’achète des produits (Meneau/Kuepper) 3.20
04. Tous ces garçons (Meneau/Felice) 3.49
05. Aucune fille au monde (Righi/Cooper) 2.37
06. 1, 2, 3 (Meneau/Guillamaud) 2.19
07. Désinvolte (Meneau/Guillamaud) 2.11
08. Minuit a l’aube (Meneau/Taylor/Sterling/May) 2.19
09. Quelle heure il est? (Meneau/Guillamaud) 2.19
10. Tu es un mombre (Meneau/O’Neill) 2.21
11. Dernière caresse (Meneau/The Misfits) 2.48
12. Alexander (Ménard/Ferrer) 2.12

‘Je Dis Hey’ is ‘Smokes’ by ? & The Mysterians
‘J’Achète Des Produits’ is ‘Know Your Product’ by The Saints
‘Tous Ces Garçons’ is ‘All Kindsa Girls’ by The Real Kids
‘Aucune Fille au Monde’ is ‘(You Got) The Power of Love’ by Everly Brothers/Pussy Cat
‘Minuit à l’Aube’ is ‘Midnight To Six” by The Pretty Things
‘Tu Es Un Nombre’ is ‘You’ve Got My Number’ by The Undertones
‘Dernière Caresse’ is ‘Last Caress’ by The Misfits
‘Alexander’ is ‘Alexandre’ by Nino Ferrer