Paul Nero – El Condor Pasa – Paul Nero In South America (1970)

FrontCover1Klaus Doldinger, best-known for leading the excellent fusion group Passport in the 1970s and ’80s, has had a diverse and episodic career. He started out studying piano in 1947 and clarinet five years later, playing in Dixieland bands in the 1950s. By 1961, he had become a modern tenor saxophonist, working with such top visiting and expatriate Americans as Don Ellis, Johnny Griffin, Benny Bailey, Idrees Sulieman, Donald Byrd, and Kenny Clarke, recording as a leader for Philips, World Pacific, and Liberty. However, in 1970, he initiated a long series of fusion-oriented sessions for Atlantic that featured his tenor, soprano, flute, and occasional keyboards with an electric rhythm section. In addition to writing music for films (including Das Boot) and television in Europe, Doldinger has remained active as a player who occasionally explores his roots in hard bop into the late ’90s, but because he has always lived in Europe, he remains underrated in the U.S. (by Scott Yanow)

Klaus Doldinger as Paul Nero:

During the 60s Klaus Doldinger also played under the pseudonym “Paul Nero”. Under these names he released 12 albums, which can be categorised as “Esay Listening” music.
Here is his 12th and last album under this pseudonym.

The Simon & Garunkel hit “El Condor Pasa” was a natural fit, because here Doldinger’s musical journey takes us to South America and Santana were also the godfathers of these recordings with their sound.

And Klaus Doldinger wouldn’t be Klaus Doldinger if he didn’t put in a masterly effort on this production (which of course was aimed at the more commercial record market).

At times superb jazz with South American elements and, of course, above all rhythms.

But he also stole quite brazenly. For in “Guachi Guaro”, the Jack Bruce/Eric Clapton riff from “Sunshine Of Your Love” is heard quite extensively.

Well, he just quoted ….


Charles Campbell (percussion)
Klaus „Paul Nero“ Doldinger (saxophone, keyboards)
Dusko Goykovich (trumpet)
Tony Inzalaco (drums)
Olaf Kübler (flute)
Lothar Meid (bass)
Siegfried Schwab (guitar)
Claudio Szenka (percussion)

Liner Notes1

01. 01. Cuica (Nero) 2.29
02. El Condor Pasa (Traditional) 2.41
03.Mas Que Nada (Deane/Nero) 2.23
04. Guantanamera (Traditional) 2.40
05. Subo (Traditional) 2.36
06. Guachi Guaro (Traditional) 4.24
07. Achachau (Traditional) 2.39
08. Malaguena (Lecuona/Nero) 4.22
09. Viva Jujuy (Traditional) 2.20
10. Mi Despedia (Traditional) 2.20
11. Guajira (Traditional) 2.16
12. Argentinia (Traditional) 2.15



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