Levitt & McClure – Living In The Country (1969)

FrontCover1.jpgDan Levitt (a later guitarist of The Beau Brummels) and Marc McClure (of Joyous Noise) worked hand in glove and released this distinguished folk & country rock album in 1969.
Produced by Ron Elliott who also contributed a couple of songs to the album.

Dan Levitt and Marc McClure were a bluegrassy duo from Encino, California who got on the radar of producer Ron Elliott, who was in the thick of the LA music scene. This album, which was recorded in August, 1969, is mostly original material, including a few songs written or co-written by producer Ron Elliott, as well as some covers of folkie stuff from Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger. Marc McClure also recorded a solo album for Capitol a few years later.

And here the original liner-notes:


Guitarist Mark McClure and bassist Dan Levitt (who also sang some vocal harmonies) had done an obscure album of their own for Warner Brothers in 1969 as Levitt & McClure, Living in the Country, on which Elliott produced and wrote a few songs. (by Ritchie Unterberger)

One of the best albums I have experienced in my 68 years. First heard it in 1969 on “Jelly Pudding” (WEBN-FM) in Cincinnati when I was a college student at Miami U. Bought the LP right away. What a masterpiece this is. Wonderful listening to this day. An unknown classic. (by Bob Keesecker)

This album sounds like songs from a forgotten and lost paradise …


Dan Levitt (guitar, banjo, vocals)
Marc McClure (guitar, vocals)


01. With You (Levitt*/McClure) 1.59
02. Wilderness Of You (Levitt) 3.10
03. Spiteful Love (McClure) 3.30
04. Paradise (Engle/Elliott) 4.40
05. Reflections (Levitt) 2.46
06. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Dylan) 3.22
07. Living In The Country (Seeger) 2.41
08. Ginny Black (Levitt/McClure) 3.22
09. Cripple Creek (Levitt/McClure) 3.36
10. Empty Boxes (Elliott) 2.43
11. Farewell To Sally Brown (Downey/Elliott) 6.53