Uncle Jimmy (Moondaze) – Moon Child (2017)

FrontCover1On friday night I saw in Leverkusen/Germany a band, that was announced as “Uncle Jimmy” … but since August 03, 2018 they called Moondance:

MOONDAZE is an energetic bluesrock band from the Netherlands. Kick-ass drums, solid bluesy vocals, virtuoso guitarlicks and hammondsolo’s on fire! If you like the ‘s60, ‘s70 and ‘s80, this band is a must-see for you! Their energy is contagious. They already have seen much of the world, they are not only playing in their home country, but also in Germany and Luxembourg. And many more to follow..

Playing as much as they can is their ultimate goal. MOONDAZE is something new, something refreshing, something really nice to look at. Before they changed their name to MOONDAZE on the 3rd of august (2018), they were called Uncle Jimmy. That name didn’t fit the personalities of the bandmembers anymore. People got wrong expectations with that name, so they decided to change it to MOONDAZE!

And it was a pretty good concert … including a killer version of “Magit Carpet Ride” (you know … Steppenwolf !)


And here´s their last EP from 2017 …

Two chicks and two gentlemen make sure that the blood flows through your veins! They give you the energy to go wild all night on their filthy and sexy bluesrock. They are giving a twist to the 70s. The tough, bluesy vocals of the chick on bass flank the virtuoso guitar and screaming Hammond, completed with a bed of killer drums!

Stand up and SHOUT!! They are influenced by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes. (by


Moondaze (formerly Uncle Jimmy) take their influences from Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes, making the most raw and sexy Blues Rock you could wish for. Take rock-solid drums, add strong Bluesy vocals from the lady on the bass, combine with virtuoso guitar and Hammond solos, to produce a masterly Rock ‘n’ Roll sound.

They hit the ground running in 2014, performing at the 3FM Festival and releasing their mini album ‘Stand Up and Shout’. Moondaze’s (Uncle Jimmy) reputation has continued to grow with concerts throughout their native Netherlands and many ventures into Germany.

To quote David Wolgen on Suksawat ´This band has a groove, this band has soul, this band is bursting with energy, Moondaze (formerly Uncle Jimmy) is sexy and Rock ‘n’ Roll. (by neimënster.lu)


ENERGETIC bluesrock with a touch of Hammond Organ. This is 70’s rock in a new jacket, inspired by legends like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The album Moon Child is about the child in yourself and how a child can experience good and bad situations.

This band is fronted by a female leadsinger/bassplayer. Featured by an amazing Hammond Organ (also played by a lady), this band puts the 70’s in a whole new perspective! They are inspired by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. All four of them are very young, but are 100% dedicated to what they create. Everybody needs to see Uncle Jimmy live, because that will be an experience to remember. Their EP Moon Child is just a small hint of what they can do! They are most known by their high energy on stage and let the audience dance like never before.

Even though they are from the Netherlands, they already play a lot in Germany where they are slowly becoming famous, bit by bit.

Oh yes … it´s time to discover one of the finest bands of this year !


Tom Beemster (drums, background vocals)
Marja Boender (bass, vocals)
Julia Driessen (organ)
Sebastiaan Fledderman (guitar)

01. Play Around 3.23
02. Pink Hawk 3.38
03. Custom Made Man 3.32
04. Sinister 4.29
05. Moon Child 4.43
06. Optical Illusion (new single as Moondaze) 3.59