Micky Moody & Friends – Live And Rocking (2008)

FrontCover1.jpgMichael Joseph “Micky” Moody (born 30 August 1950) is an English guitarist, and a former member of the rock bands Juicy Lucy and Whitesnake. He was also a founder-member of Snafu. Together with his former Whitesnake colleague Bernie Marsden he founded the Moody Marsden Band, and later, The Snakes, having previously collaborated with unofficial 5th Status Quo member Bob Young in Young & Moody. Along with Marsden and ex-Whitesnake bassist, Neil Murray, he formed Company of Snakes and M3 Classic Whitesnake with which they mainly performed early Whitesnake songs. More recently, he has toured and recorded with Snakecharmer.Besides this, Moody has also toured with Roger Chapman, Frankie Miller and Chris Farlowe. He has also performed live alongside the likes of Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Mick Taylor, Bruce Dickinson, Sam Brown, Gary Brooker, Suggs, Dennis Locorriere, Paul Jones, P. P. Arnold, James Hunter, Rick Wakeman, Jon Lord, Newton Faulkner, Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper, Mark King, Alfie Boe, Sandi Thom, Brian Auger, Paul Weller, Eric Bibb, Meat Loaf, Boy George, Elkie Brooks, Nona Hendryx, Mud Morganfield and one of his early guitar heroes, Duane Eddy.

Micky Moody01.jpg

Since 2000 he has released several solo albums: I Eat Them For Breakfast (2000), Don’t Blame Me (2006), Acoustic Journeyman (2007) and Electric Journeyman (2009). A versatile guitarist, Moody has been an active session musician and his own website lists over 100 albums to which he has contributed musically. 2006 saw the release of the autobiographical Playing With Trumpets – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Apprenticeship, a memoir about his early days on the music scene. His library music has been featured on such TV programmes as Waking the Dead, Bo’ Selecta!, America’s Next Top Model, How to Look Good Naked, Top Gear, Horizon, Jersey Shore, Mad Men, Wife Swap and Paul Hollywood’s Bread. (by wikipedia)

Hell is a village in the Lånke area of the municipality of Stjørdal in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the western part of the municipality, about 3 kilometres (2 mi) south of the town of Stjørdalshalsen.

Hell currently has a grocery store, gas station, a fast food shop, and a retirement home. Until late 1995, the European route E6 highway was aligned through Hell and across the Hell bridge to Sandfærhus (nearby is the Trondheim Airport, Værnes). The new road now goes around the village.

A blues festival takes place every year at Hell Station in September, “Blues in Hell”. The original festival (Hell Blues Festival) started in 1992, then changed its name to Hell Music Festival in 2006 to open their doors for music other than blues. The Hell Music Festival in 2007 failed to attract many concert-goers, however, and the festival declared bankruptcy the same year. In 2008 a new festival was started, entitled “Blues in Hell”, going back to the original concept. (by wikipedia).

Micky Moody played many times at this great Blues Festival …

… And here´s a chance to listen to Micky Moody and Friends, recorded live at the Hell Blues Festival, Norway in 2000 … another great Blues-Rock concert !!!

Enjoy !


Don Airey (keyboards)
John Lingwood (drums)
Bernie Marsden (guitar, vocals)
Micky Moody (guiar, slide-guitar, vocals)
Neil Murray (bass)


01. Medley 4.38
01.1. Hideaway (King/Thompson)
01.2. Bab You Want Me To Do (Reed)
01.3. The Stumble (King/Thompson)
02. Mixed Up Blues (Moody) 4.29
03. Come On In My Kitchen (Johnson) 5.16
04. A Mind To Get Even (Moody) 7.56
05. Key To The Highway (Segar/Broonzy) 7.04
06. Spoonful (Dixon) 6.36
07. My Happy Day (Watkins) 2.35
08. 2000 Miles To Hell (Moody/Marsden) 11.08
09. Rock & Roll Shoes (Willis) 5.11
10. Nadine (Berry) 5.04

Bernie Marsden.jpg


Young & Moody – Same (1977)

LPFrontCover1 The Young & Moody Band was a UK blues rock band from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, headed by Status Quo co-writer Bob Young and Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody.

The band started under the name “Young & Moody”, releasing a self-titled album on Magnet Records in 1977. Later they changed their name to “The Young & Moody Band”. Their 1981 single “Don’t Do That” also featured Lemmy from Motörhead, Cozy Powell and The Nolans and charted at #63 on the UK Singles Chart.

YoungMoodyTheir follow up single, ‘These Eyes’, was used in a U.K. jeans commercial (circa 1981). Graham Bonnet (ex Rainbow) did the vocals (but not on the single) and the lyrics ‘these eyes’ were replaced with the word ‘Levis’. It was written by Ed Hamilton, who also wrote “Night Games” from Bonnet’s third album Line-Up. Both tracks were available as singles on Bronze Records and featured on the compilation album A Quiet Night In. When released on that compilation album, it earned gold discs abroad. (by wikipedia)

And this is their fantastic debut-album from 1977, which was produced by Roger Glover from Deep Purple. The coverart was from the legendary Hipgnosis !

Although this is a low-budget project it´s more than pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable.

Micky Moody (guitar, mandolin)
Graham Preskett (violin, bass, keyboards)
Terry Stannard (drums, percussion)
Bob Young (vocals, harmonica)
Drums, Percussion – Terry Stannard

01. You Make It Roll (Young/Moody) 5.16
02. I’ll Be Back (Rossi/Young) 3.04
03. Chicago Blue (Young/Moody) 4.25
04. Four Until Late (Johnson) 4.46
05. Young & Moody (Young/Moody) 3.06
06. Too Young To Feel This Way (Young/Moody) 4.58
07. Just Close Your Eyes (Young/Moody) 2.55
08. Someone Else’s Door (Young/Moody) 3.44
09. I’m Going Away (Cotton/Traditional) 3.18
10.  I Thought I’d Seen It All (Young/Moody) 3.40
11. Chained To Love (Young/Moody) 4.48
12. Don’t You Tell Me To Go (Young/Moody/Markee) 3.07



SingleCoversSingle covers from Netherland and Germany

Borderline – Line Up (1994)

BorderlineFrontCoverBorderline was the short-lived project of Germans leading southern rock musician Georg Bayer. After having much trouble with his own and original band “Lizard”, he formed this project to fulfil his record contract. Borderline was a southern rock quartett with as bunch of guest musicians, amongst others Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden (ex-Whitesanke).
The last four tracks of this albums are bonus tracks, whick are not to find on the original album (recorded in Stuttgart/Germany & Atlanta/Georgia).
You can hear finest southern rock from Germany and Georg Bayer knows how to boogie … he learnt his lessons on the road and his cover versions are very pretty, too.

Georg Bayer (vocals)
Bruce Brookshire (guitar, vocals)
Daniel Ford (bass)
Danny Lastinger (drums)
Jeff Carlisli (guitar)
Tim Elliott (guitar)
Rainer Kunert (percussion)
Volker Kunschner (keyboards)
Bernie Marsden (guitar)
Micky Moody (guitar)
David Romine (keyboards)
John Samuelson (guitar)
Rob Walker (guitar)
Kenny Wrigjt (harmonica)

01. Bring Me Some Water (Marsden/Moody) 4.31
02. She Drives Me Crazy (Bayer/Thumser) 3.06
03..Out In The Road (Bayer/Seeger) 3.43
04. Josephine (Brookshire)
05. My Sweet Little Angel (Bayer/Seeger) 3.43
06. Woman (Bayer/Seeger) 2.49
07 Macon, Georgia (Bayer/Thumser) 5.36
08. Hold Me Now (Bayer/Thumser) 4.42
09. Love That Burns (Green/Adams) 4.58
10. Fun Runner (Bayer/Brookshire) 3.48
11. Homesick (Buie/Cobb) 4.01
12. Junior´s Wailing (White/Pugh) 3.26
13. Father And Son (Stevens) 4.42
14. Long Cool Woman (Cook/Clarke/Greenway) 5.12