Susana Sheiman & Ignasi Terraza Trio – Swing Appeal (2011)

FrontCover1With its brilliant execution and its unstoppable communicative strength, Swing Appeal is a CD that, for the same price, can satisfy the most demanding jazz palates, as well as a wide-ranging public thirsty for good music.

Here Sheiman confirms her ability as an interpreter of the highest calibre, placing her brilliant and expansive voice at the disposal of a collection of swinging and faultless songs. Terraza chooses a special focus for each theme, in order that they have a differentiated colouring and treatment, until he achieves the maximum relief. A feast for the ears. (by Karles Torra)

SusanaSheiman“Susana Sheiman doesn’t sing jazz, she is jazz, with the expertise of the great and the sobriety of the best. Her lack of vocal swagger, her vibrato, her musicality, warmth and colour are surprising. These virtues are possibly well-rehearsed but it doesn’t show. Her night owl voice is good enough to interpret a blues or love song such as My man, and elegant enough to sing Moon River… and the best of all is that she is herself, she doesn’t sound like anyone else”. (by Juan Carlos Calderón)

“The Sheiman-Terraza combination produces spectacular results, and this latest record, Swing appeal, is definitely one of the highlights of Spanish Jazz. Susana Sheiman gradually commands our respect and She is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best vocalist we have. In this programme they have specifically chosen lesser known themes by the best composers. They keep away from the more famous “war horses” but when it is all about well known compositions, they are very good indeed, such as I don’t mean a thing, which Susana has transformed into something exceptional. Our singer takes risks and performs high-wire acrobatics, but she always ends up in the right place. Susana is superb. And what can I say about Ignasi? An iron fist in a velvet glove”. (by Alfredo Papo)

IgnasiTerrazaAfter his first public appearance in 1980, Ignasi Terraza (born in 1962) has played an important role in the Barcelona Jazz scene. His style has placed him amongst the most in demand accompanists in the City, allowing him to back up many of the American musicians visiting
Wess, Jesse Davis, Gene “Mighty Flea” Conners, Teddy Edwards, Ralph Lalama, Lou Donaldson, Brad Leali or Donald Harrison as well as Michelle, Randy Greer, Michelle McCain, Lavelle, Dee Daniels, Ann Hampton Callaway or Stacey Kent. Terraza has also been, since its key members of the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra.

But Terraza’s favorite setting is, indeed, his trio: regular partners include the likes of bassists Pierre Boussaguet, Darryl Hall or Horacio and drummers Gregory Hutchinson, Bobby Durham, Jeff Hamilton, Alvin Queen, Jorge Rossy, Leon Parker or Jean-Pierre Derouard.

IgnasiTerraza2Influenced by Oscar Peterson, Wynton Kelly and Ahmad Jamal, and rooted in the classic jazz tradition, Terraza is featured in more than 20 in a Trio format: Let me tell you something (1999), Jazz in the darkness (1999), It´s coming (2004), and In a sentimental Groove (2005) best jazz record of 2006 award given by the Spanish magazine Jaç).

During the last ten years Terraza has kept busy playing all around Spain, as well as in Festivals and club dates in France, United Kingdom, Portugal and Switzerland.
Ignasi Terraza trio also toured Asia for two times playing inChina, The Philippines and Thailand.

On May 21st, 2009, Ignasi Terraza became the winner of the 25th edition of The Great American Jazz Piano Competition, an extremely in Jacksonville, Florida, since 1983. This special award was won on previous editions by pianists like Marcus Roberts, Lynne Arriale or Kenny Drew Jr.
The jury (Marcus Roberts, Doctor John and Naim Talib Rashid) chose Ignasi amongst 46 other pianists because of “his personal musical view” and “his ability to transmit it”.

In 2010 his record “Night sounds” have been included in the sound track of latest Travolta movie “from Paris with love”.

And I include a press kit (14 pages) about this wonderful and brilliant album.

Giorgos Antoniou (bass)
Esteve Pi (drums)
Susana Sheiman (vocals)
Ignasi Terraza (piano)
Oscar Alonso (percussion on 06. + 12.)
Damon Brown: trumpet on 05.- 07.)
Jesse Davis (saxophone on 01. + 11.)

01. I’m Glad There Is You (Dorsey/Mertz) 5.33 ·
02. P.S. I Love You (Mercer/Jenkins) 4.18
03. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Landesman/Wolf) 5.15
04. Just One Of Those Things (Porter) 3.01
05. Good Morning Heartache (Fisher/Drake/Higginbotham) 6.04
06. Where Or When (Rodgers/Hart) 2.54
07. Emotional Dance (Terraza/Sheiman) 4.24 ·
08. Glad To Be Unhappy (Rodgers/Hart) 6.12 ·
09. Never Let Me Go (Evans/Livingston) 3.53 ·
10. Don’t Ever Leave Me (Kern/Hammerstein) 2.42 ·
11. It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) (Ellington) 5.05 ·
12. There’ll Be Another Spring (Lee/Wheeler) 3.33