The Incredible Istanbul Gypsy Band – Same (1995)

FrontCover1 Is it Turkish roots? Gypsy swing? Mustaphas’ jazz? This is one of those things that just has to be heard.

“The Incredible Istanbul Gipsy Band is no revivalist outfit cranking out the old tunes for the old audience. They are energetic seekers of new sounds from old roots, and they incorporate jazz, a little funky, bluesy mood here and there, even a wierd turn on Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” theme. Save for a little distorted electric guitar, this is an acoustic ensemble to be reckoned with. Oud, kanun, kaval, zurna, davul, strings and reeds are pulled into interesting combinations, giving rise to an international Gipsy sound that’s fresh and innovative but never trite or cheesy. They have an effervesence that’s funny, soulful and wild.” (by RootsWorld)

Listen to these recordings and you´ll understand, why I love this very special “fusion music”. The booklet is written in English and German.

Suat Diril (clarinett)
Yildirim Doganay (violin)
Bülent Koyuncu (kaval = bulgarian flute, zurna)
Ayhan Kücükboyaci (bongos, darbouka, def, davul)
Veysel Nazlitas (violin)
Rusen Özben (bass)
Murat Sakarya (violin)
Gökcan Senasik (violin)
Ergun Senlerdiyici (trumpet)
Süleyman Süngü (guitar)
Efkan Ücdagliyigit (kanun)
Sabahattin Usluer (oud)

01. Yedikule (Papazoglu) 5.21
02. He-Jazz (Kücükboyaci) 5.38
03. Flying Darbuka (Kücükboyaci) 2.34
04. Swan Lake (Tschaikowski) 5.03
05. Easy Loving You (Washington) 4.10
06. Dance Of The Violin (Kücükboyaci) 4.06
07. Kustino Oro (Time Of The Gipsies) (Traditional) 4.17
08. Istanbul (Kücükboyaci) 6.35