Bossa Três – Bossa Nova – Brazilian Jazz (1963)

OriginalFrontCover1The Bossa Três was the first instrumental group of the bossa nova. In 1961, Luís Carlos Vinhas (piano), Tião Neto (bass), and Edison Machado (drums) teamed up to form the trio. They went to the U.S. to accompany the dancers Lennie Dale, Martha Botelho, and Joe Benett on The Ed Sullivan Show.

They remained in the U.S. and recorded three albums in New York, which were released by Audio Fidelity in 1962 (one of them accompanying Jo Basile).

The group continued to perform in jazz nightclubs until its dissolution. Returning alone to Brazil, Vinhas regrouped the trio with other musicians and continued to work, recording and performing throughout Latin America. The Bossa Três recorded with Pery Ribeiro in 1966 and, in 2000, with Wanda Sá. (by Alvaro Neder)


The trio was formed in 1961 at Beco das Garrafas (Copacabana nightclub area), home of the bossa nova. Their debut gigs were at the Ed Sullivan Show, where they played for ballet dancers Lennie Dale, Joe Benett e Martha Botelho. Bossa 3 remained in the States for a few more years, performing at jazz clubs. The group broke up their Brazilian line up, and pianist Luis Carlos Vinhas, the only one who returned to Brazil, put Bossa 3 together again, this time with new musicians. They made other 5 albums, touring Latin countries.

And this is their debut album from 1963 … listen to a real wonderful album !


Edison Machado (drums)
Tiao Neto (bass)
Luis Parga (piano)


01. Blues Walk (Brown) 3.15
02. Ceu E Mar (Alf) 3.14
03. Green Dolphin Street (Washington/Kaper) 2.55
04. Menina Feia (Neves) 2.25
05. Sol E Chuva (Payne) 3.28
06. Olhou P’ra Mim (Lincoln) 2.47
07. Bossa 3 Theme (Neto) 2.41
08. Nao Faz Assim (Neves) 2.38
09. Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin) 3.23
10. So Saudade (Jobim) 2.08
11. Influencia do Jazz (Lyra)  2.47
12. Zelao (Ricardo) 3.21