Suicide – Ghost Riders (1986)

FrontCover1.jpgSuicide was an American musical duo intermittently active between 1970 and 2016, composed of vocalist Alan Vega (June 23, 1938 – July 16, 2016) and instrumentalist Martin Rev. The group’s music made pioneering use of minimalist electronic instrumentation, including synthesizers and primitive drum machines, and their early performances were confrontational and often ended in violence. They were among the first acts to use the phrase “punk music” in an advertisement for a concert in 1970.

Though never widely popular among the general public, Suicide have been recognized as among the most influential acts of their era. Their debut album Suicide (1977) was described by Entertainment Weekly as “a landmark of electronic music,” while AllMusic stated that it “provided the blueprints for post-punk, synth pop, and industrial rock.” Rolling Stone called them “an unmeasurable influence on the industrial dance, noise, techno, ambient, and electronic scenes of the 1980s and 1990s.”

Ghost Riders is a live performance album by Suicide, recorded in 1981 and released in 1986 by ROIR. (by wikipedia)

FrontCover2.jpgOriginally a cassette-only release, this live recording at Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis marked Rev and Vega’s tenth anniversary. And while not as deliberately offensive as some of their earlier live gigs (the impossible-to-locate 23 Minutes Over Brussels), this is a compelling, interesting document of their ever-evolving stage show. Not as transcendent as their debut album, but well worth the effort. [Ghost Riders was reissued on CD by the French Danceteria label in 1990 and ROIR in 1991.] (by John Dougan)

Whether or not you really like Suicide or not shouldn’t play a factor in listening to this record. It is a collection of two live concerts recorded in 1981.

I read a book one time and it had this interview with Alan Vega. He said that when started out they would have people throw bottles at them and try to fight them during performances. Listening to this record, I sort of understand. I don’t really want to “fight” because I have developed a respect for the band, but I want to do something.


Before “sweet white lady” the first song on side 2, alan vega gives a radically chilling warning about heroin. Best part of the record. His scream, it will make you want to stay away and hide. But I really think it’s an unorthodox invitation to actually experience a band. (thugsupermarket.blogspot)

Recorded live 9/19/81 at the Tenth Anniversary Suicide Concert
at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Martin Rev (keyboards, drum programming)
Alan Vega (vocals)


01. Rocket USA 4.54
02. Rock N’ Roll (Is Killing My Life) 5.14
03. Ghost Rider 7.07
04. Dream Baby Dream 6.20
Sweet White Lady 8.42
06. Harlem 9.55
07. 96 Tears (Martinez) 4.38




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