Siegel Schwall Band – Three Pieces (1977)

SiegelSchwallThreePiecesFCThis music may not be for everyone but for those who can appreciate something a little different. William Russo´s “Street Music” and “Pieces for Blues Band And Orchestra” are terrific semi-classical jazzy pieces. They mate well with “An American In Paris”. If You like Gershwin´s work you´ll probably enjoy these works by Russo as well. Corky Siegel is the featured harmonica player and gives an awesome performance which is expertly captured by the DG technicians. Mr. Ozawa and the San francisco Symphony Orchestra give a superb rendition of all 3 works and the recordings is first rate !

The Siegel-Schwall Band was formed in 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1966, the band released their first eponymous album, and began a national tour in 1969. While they weren’t as commercially successful as Butterfield or Mayall, the band was still able to perform at large venues such as Fillmore West. The Siegel-Schwall Band became the first blues band to ever perform with a symphony, performing “Three Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony Orchestra” with the San Francisco Orchestra.
These pieces of music is a highland in the history of blues and classic, because for the first time both styles get married and become a baby … brilliant music … till today ! 


Shelly Plotkin (drums)
Rollo Radford (bass)
Corky Siegel (harmonica)
Jim Schwall (guitar)
San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Seiji Ozawa


Street Music op. 65 A Blues Concert (total time: 31.18)
01. 1st Movement (Russo) 8.16
02. 2nd Movement (Russo) 5.17
03. 3rd Movement (Russo) 8.52
04. 4th Movement (Russo) 8.53

Three Pieces For Blues Band And Symphony Orchestra, op. 50 (total time: 24.17)
05. 1stPart (Russo) 8.08
06. 2nd Part (Russo) 8.58
07. 3 rd Part (Russo) 7.11

08. An American In Paris (Gershwin) 18.03