Various Artists – Chicago Breakdown (1981)

frontcover1 Chicago Breakdown is a collection of blues recordings made in Chicago in the early 1960´s by Norman Dayron. It was recorded for the most, in the apartments or basements of the artists.

But sometimes the recordings werde made in small clubs on the South Side or the West Side. The feeling of the various sessions was always easy and natural. There was no sense of formality or self-importance. Only the sense of musicians and their friends trying to please each other. As such, these recordings are unusual and very personal.

They are also fine examples of the work of traditional blues artists who lived in Chicago at a time when electric band blues was the predominant sound of the city” (Noram Dayron; taken from the origianl liner notes).

And can not only fine black blues musicians from that time, but also young white blues freaks like Elvin Bishop, Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield ! … Their first recordings I guess.

More about the great Norman Dayron will come very soon ..


A blues bar in Chicago


Little Brother Montgomery:
Little Brother Montgomery (piano, vocals)

John Lee Granderson:
John Lee Granderson (vocals, guitar)

Dr. Isaiah Ross:
Dr. Isaiah Ross (vocals, guitar, harmonica)

Big Joe Williams:
Paul Butterfield (harmonica on 10.)
Big Joe Williams (vocals, guitar)

James Cotton:
Elvin Bisjop (guitar)
Paul Butterfield (harmonica)
James Cotton (vocals)

Maxwell Street Jimmy:
Maxwell Street Jimmy (vocals, guitar)

Little Brother Montgomery:
Michael Bloomfield (guitar)
Little Brother Montgomery (vocals, piano)

Eddie Boyd:
Eddie Boyd (vocals, piano)


01. Little Brother Montgomery: Hesitatin’ Blues 2.33
02. John Lee Granderson: Minglewood Town 1.38
03. Dr. Isaiah Ross: Chicago Breakdown 5.51
04. Big Joe Williams: I Feel So Worried 2.58
05. James Cotton: V-8 Ford Blues 3.50
06. Maxwell Street Jimmy: Cryin’ Won’t Make Me Stay 2.54
07. Little Brother Montgomery: Michigan Water Blues 3.35
08. John Lee Granderson: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 2.48
09. Dr. Isaiah Ross: Hobo Blues 4.32
10. Big Joe Williams: Stack O’ Dollars 2.37
11. James Cotton: Polly Put The Kettle On 1.43
12. Eddie Boyd: Five Long Years 2.54