Marion Brown – Porto Novo (1969)

frontcover1This was one of altoist Marion Brown’s best recordings. Although a very adventurous improviser, Brown usually brought lyricism and a thoughtful (if unpredictable) approach to his music. Accompanied by bassist Maarten van Regteben Altena and drummer Han Bennink for this stimulating session (recorded in Holland), Brown stretches out on five of his compositions and is heard at the peak of his creative powers (by Scott Yanow)

Alto saxophonist Marion Brown has always existed on the periphery of avant-garde jazz. His lithe soloing has by and large eschewed the edgy, colorful flare-ups that constantly cap Ornette Coleman’s most brilliant runs. This trio session features Brown in ideal company, with then-youthful drummer Han Bennink and bassist Marteen Altena filling out the group. Together, the group trots the line between fluid motion and crisp execution, with Brown’s alto making pungent jabs amidst Bennink’s popping drumming and Altena’s rubbery bass. Most impressively, Brown captures the continuity from Johnny Hodges’ swing to the avant-garde’s high energy in his catholic sound and in this trio’s pouncing intensity. (by Andrew Bartlett)

Attention please: This is free jazz !

My copy is a re-release from 1975 by the famous Arista Records label. This album was original recorded in 1967 !


Alternate frontcover

Maarten van Regteren Altena (bass)
Han Bennink (drums)
Marion Brown (saxophone, percussion)
Leo Smith (trumpet, percussion)

01. Similar Limits 6.25
02. Sound Structure 6.10
03. Improvisation 5.50
04. Qbic 6.32
05. Porto Novo 11.55
06. And Then They Danced  16.05
07. Rhythmus No. 1 3.30

All compisitions by Marion Brown



Original frontcover from 1969