Stuart Hoggard + Jim Shields – Bob Dylan – An Illustrated Discography (1978)

BobDylan_AnIllustratedDiscography_01AWhen Bo Dylan read this book in London on his European tour he was amazed at the amount pg work the authors put into tracking down the unofficially released recordings of his work. Even he didn´t know just how big a business bootlegging his songs had become.

Dylan has been the single most influential figure of an entire generation for the past two decades; yet his followers have access to only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to his recordings.

More than 90 albums are available to collectors under the counter of bootlegs. They show Dylan practising songs, relaxing, and developing, allowing collectors to get closer to the man.

This book is not just a listing of of these 90 albums, his officially released albums, 17 films and interviews; it traces his career from his arrival in New York in 1961 to his European tour de force in 1978 showing what went on around the bare bones of the recording sessions and is set against a background of the music and politics of the time.

Cross referenced, fully indexed and illustrated with over 50 photographs.