Manuel Ricardes – Por calles de guitarra (2003)

RicardesPorCallesFCManuel Ricardes is a more or less unknown spanish street musicians, who´s a real fantastic guitar player.

He has a very special feeling for tango music and every night he sit in a corner of a street a play his fantastic music. I met him during my last vactions in Bilbao/Spain.

I was very impressed by his way of playing the acoustic guitar. His repertoire has many colors and it´s up to you to explore and enjoy these different styles of acoustic music.
He told me about the record that it was recorded in 2003 and this is his music he played on the streets of spanish cities.

Together with Beatriz Arbenoiz he although played in small music clubs all over Spain and try to keep the flame of tango music alive !

This entry is dedicated to the street musicians all over the world who gave us so much pleasure by their way to entertain us during our shopping tours through a city.

Manuel Ricardes (guitar)

01. Bourre (Bach) 2.40
02. Canzone d´amore (Liebermann) 2.07
03. El abejorro (Pujol) 1.57
04. El antigal (Toro/Diaz) 3.45
05. El Condor Pasa (Traditional) 4.52
06. Estudio de rovira (Traditional) 2.54
07. La candelaria (Falú) 3.24
08. Madreselvas (Amadoro/Canaro) 2.36
09. Natalie (Moustaki) 1.31
10. Nocturno (Soulés) 3.40
11. Romanza (Soulés) 4.30
12. Saltarello (Traditional) 1.01
13. Choro de texeira (Traditional) 2.12
14. Variaciones de milonga (Falú) 4.09