Pat Travers – Boom Boom (Live at the Diamond Club, Toronto, 1990) (VHS rip)

frontcoverBorn in Toronto on April 12 1954, Pat Travers was playing guitar before he reached his teens, but it was watching Jimi Hendrix live that first inspired him to become a rock guitarist. For several years he paid his music dues playing the rock Clubs around Quebec in such bands as ‘Red Hot’ and ‘Merge’. It was during this period when he was spotted by 50s rock n roll legend Ronnie Hawkins who asked the young guitarist to join him on tour. Despite the difference in musical style, Travers used the experience to further develop his skills. After a year however he decided it was time to go for his dream and at the age of 20 he packed his bags and moved to London, England. A short demo tape lead to him being signed to Polydor and in April1976 he released his debut album ‘Pat Travers’. Following an appearance at the Reading festival Pat continued to tour in front of huge audiences and released another two albums before heading to America.

The US took to Travers like ducks to water and he gained a massive following and much critical acclaim for both his live shows and his studio albums two of which, Live! Go For What You Know and Crash and Burn, entered the US top 30. The 80s established him as one off the most distinctive guitarists on the scene, combining heavy metal riffology with moments of musical genius. After bowing out of the studio for several years due to his disillusionment with the record industry he recorded School of Hard Knocks in 1990, an album that was to prove a huge success amongst his fans and win him many new admirers. This was followed by the album ‘Boom Boom — Live at the Diamond’.


Alternate frontcovers

And here´s the video version – recorded live at the Diamond Club, Toronto.

…In 1990 Pat Travers emerged with a new band, a new album (School of Hard Knocks) and a new tour. This show was filmed in Travers’ hometown of Toronto during that tour. The new band was nearly as tight as the classic Travers lineup and the energy was right.
Featuring the very capable Mars Cowling on bass and Jerry Riggs on second guitar, this lineup just pounds out these Travers classics as well as a handful of newer tunes from his “School Of Hard Knocks” release from the previous year. Probably Pat Travers at his hardest rocking best.










Bass – Mars Cowling (bass)
Jerry Riggs (guitar, vocals)
Pat Travers (guitar, vocals)
Scott Zymowski (drums)


01. Snortin’ Whiskey (Travers/Thrall)
02. Life In London (Travers)
03. I La La la Love You (Travers)
04. Gettin’ Betta (Travers/Cowling)
05. Whatcha Gonna Do Without Me (Dees/Travers)
06. Daddy Long Legs (Riggs)
07. Heat In The Street (Travers/Lesser)
08. School Of Hard Knocks (Dees/Travers)
09. Help Me (Simmons/Travers)
10. Stevie (Travers)
11. Ready Or Not (Riggs)
12. Boom Boom ( Out Goes the Lights) (Lewis)
13. Born Under A Bad Sign (Jones/Bell)
14. Guitars From Hell (Riggs)