Sacred Spirit – Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans (1994)

FrontCover1Sacred Spirit is a musical project by Claus Zundel, Ralf Hamm and Markus Staab. The music is of electronic, new age, world and ambient genres. Sacred Spirit’s total worldwide album sales estimated to be over 15 million copies. For each album sold, a donation was made to the Native American Rights Fund, the non-profit Native American organization devoting all its time to restoring the legal rights of the native American people.

The first album, Chants and Dances of the Native Americans was released in 1994. The album was nominated for best New Age album Grammy Award. In keeping with the Native American theme, Zundel adopted the pseudonym ‘The Fearsome Brave’, and on his many other projects he is simply credited as ‘The Brave’. The music conveys the stories, legends and plight of the Native Americans by combining sampled chants of the Navajo, Pueblo and Sioux tribes and Sami people yoik with synthesizer backings, all driven forth by a combination of traditional drumming and electronic dance-beats. The first single released off the album was “Yeha-Noha” (Wishes of happiness and prosperity) which was largely responsible for catapulting Sacred Spirit into the limelight. The single reached #1 position in number of countries, including 6 weeks at #1 in France. In the US, “Yeha Noha” sung by Navajo elder Kee Chee Jake of Chinle, Arizona reached top 20 in Billboard Hot 100. The album is arguably one of the most successful enigmatic projects ever, garnering sales of more than seven million albums worldwide. It reached top 10 and charted for twenty seven weeks in the UK Albums Chart. (by wikipedia)

This is the US Version of the album.


Claus Zundel – Ralf Hamm – Markus Staab (all instruments)

Alternate frontcovers

01. How The West Was Lost (Intro & Prelude) (Kater) 3.00
02. Winter Ceremony (Tor-Cheney-Nahana) (Traditional) 6.58
03. The Counterclockwise Circle Dance (Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya) (Kater) 5.10
04. Celebrate Wild Rice (Ya-Na-Hana) (Traditional) 7.05
05. The Cradlesong (Dawa) (Traditional) 4.18
06. Advice For The Young (Gitchi-Manidoo) (Traditional) 6.01
07. Wishes Of Happiness & Prosperity (Yeha-Noha) (Traditional) 4.02
08. Elevation (Ta-Was-Ne) (Traditional) 2.38
09. Intertribal Song To Stop The Rain (Heya-Hee) (Traditional) 7.37
10. Heal The Soul (Shamanic Chant No.5) (Traditional) 1.31
11. Brandishing The Tomahawk (Yo-Hey-O-Hee) (Traditional) 6.16