The Branford Marsalis Quartet – Live At Ronnie Scott’s (2001)

FrontCover1You can’t get any slicker than this. Pedigreed players all, in their hands Coltrane’s A Love Supreme doesn’t thunder as much as David Murray’s but exhibits a colder look. Almost a textbook reading of the famous suite, carefully removing any possibility of instigating passion. Even the chant of “a love supreme” is taken out from this reading. As though it would make the players seem like hooligans.

You can also take this as representative of mainstream jazz, almost mummified for museums. The next Coltrane wonÕt be found in a suit and black tie. (by Professor Red)

Recorded ive at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Festival, London, England, November 8, 2001

Joey Calderazzo (piano)
Branford Marsalis (saxophone)
Eric Revis (bass)
Jeff “Tain” Watts (drums)



A Love Supreme:
01. Part 1 – Acknowledgement (Coltrane) 8.22
02. Part 2 – Resolution (Coltrane) 11.48
03. Part 3 – Pursuance (Coltrane) 13.03
04. Part 4 – Psalm (Coltrane) 7.56