Beggars Opera – Act One (1970)

BeggarsOperaActOneFCWhat a mindblowing debut-album this is! The very melodic and harmonic music from this five-piece band is based upon an incredible dynamic and propulsive rhythm-section and splendid, very exciting Hammond organ work, often accompanied by a powerful and fiery electric guitar. The interplay between the musicians is magnificent and the excertions on keyboards and guitar are very compelling, in the spirit of the late Sixties and early Seventies. The vocals are also worth to be mentioned: distinctive with an enthusiastic approach and often a bit cynical undertone but at some moments also warm and plesant. The highlight on this CD is the track “Raymond’s road” featuring awesome guitarsoli (inspired by Hendrix and Page)and exciting work on the Hammond organ in the vein of the best Keith Emerson, including short renditions of known classical pieces from Bach and Grieg. An ecellent album that will please every hammond aficionado and fans from the early Seventies progrock sound !  (by Erik Neuteboom)

Marshal Erksine (bass)
Ricky Gardiner (guitar)
Martin Griffiths (vocals)
Alan Park (organ)
Raymond Wilson (drums)

01. Poet And Pesant (Suppé) 7.10
02. Passacaglia (Erskine/Scott) 7.04
03. Memory (Erskine/Scott) 3.57
04. Raymond’s Road (Erskine/Gardiner/Griffiths/Park/Wilson) 11.49
05. Light Cavalry (Suppé) 11.57
06. Sarabande (Erskine/Gardiner/Griffiths/Park/Wilson) 3.32
07. Think (Erskine/Gardiner/Griffiths/Park/Wilson) 4.25