The Firm – Royal Darkness (1986)

frontcover1The Firm were a British rock supergroup composed of singer Paul Rodgers, (Free and Bad Company), guitarist Jimmy Page (The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin,) drummer Chris Slade (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and Uriah Heep) and bass player Tony Franklin.

Both Page and Rodgers refused to play any material from their former bands and instead opted for a selection of Firm songs plus tracks from both their solo albums. The new songs were heavily infused with a soulful and more commercially accessible sound, courtesy of Franklin’s fretless bass guitar underpinning an understated song structure. Despite refusing to play old material, the last track from The Firm, “Midnight Moonlight”, was originally an unreleased Led Zeppelin song entitled “Swan Song”. This caused some critics to believe that Page had begun to run out of ideas. In subsequent press interviews, Page had indicated that the band was never meant to last more than two albums. After the band split, Page and Rodgers returned to solo work while Chris Slade joined AC/DC and Franklin teamed up with guitarist John Sykes in Blue Murder.(by wikipedia)

This is an excellent bootleg from thier last tour (excellent sound board recording). No Led Zeppelin, Free or Bad Company songs … just The Firm !


Tony Franklin (bass)
Jimmy Page (guitar)
Paul Rodgers (vocals)
Chris Slade (drums)


01. Intro 1.33
02. Fortune Hunter (Page/Rodgers) 5.08
03. Found Somebody (Someone To Love) (Page/Rodgers) 4.57
04. Make Up Or Break Up (Page/Rodgers) 5.40
05. Prelude (Page) 1.55
06. Money Can’t Buy (Rodgers) 5.02
07. Satisfaction Guaranted (Page/Rodgers) 4.30
08. Radioactive (Rodgers) 2.49
09. All The Kings Horses (Rodgers) 3.24
10. Cadillac (Page/Rodgers) 5.18
11. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling ( Mann/Weil/Spector) 4.32
12. Midnight Moonlight (Page/Rodgers) 11.15
13. Tear Down The Walls (Page/Rodgers) 5.11
14. Live In Peace (Rodgers) 5.18