Mental Hippie Blood – Same (1993)

MentalHippieBloodFCA rare example of Swedish-bred grunge, the absurdly named Mental Hippie Blood played an interesting blend of Soundgarden-inspired alternative metal and more traditional metal. 
Featuring vocalist Michael Oran, guitarists Mikael Jansson and Anders Wikstrom, bassist Lake Skoglund, and drummer Jonas Ostman, the band recorded their domestically released self-titled debut in 1992. 
They then signed with Metal Blade records and released 1994’s Pounds worldwide before fading into obscurity.  (by Eduardo Rivadavia)
This is their debut album … and it´s like dynamite, if you like heavy-metal-grunge music !

Mikael Jansson (guitar, background vocals)
Jonas Petersson (guitar, background vocals)
Anders Odenstrand (drums)
Michael Oran (vocals)
Lake Skoglund (bass, slide-guitar on 08., guitar on 03., background vocals)

01. Law Breaks Law (Jansson/Peterson/Skoglund/Oran) 4.14
02. Wanted Her Head (Jansson/Oran) 4.41
03. Honey Child (Oran/Jansson) 4.54
04. Life Sucks (Oran/Jansson/Peterson) 4.37
05. Don´t Talk (Oran/Jansson) 4.40
06. No Use (Oran/Jansson) 3.02
07. Psychopathic Mind (Oran/Jansson) 4.11
08. I Pray In Silence (Oran/Jansson) 3.38
09. Wheel Of Fortune (Peterson) 4.36
10. 24 Carat Gold (Oran/Jansson) 4.34
11. Life Has Taught Me Oran/Jansson/Skoglund) 4.22